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Manuel Dürr

New Liveries for 2020 and #TeamRSR

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We are very proud to announce and showcase their new livery for 2020. These liveries will run across both iRacing and rFactor2 (VEC) and for iRacing only we will have different team colours for special events. Enough words, let's let the pictures do the talking…

RSR is not just about racing at RSR. With iRacing and rFactor2, we have our name seen by thousands of people around...

Merchandise has arrived!

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Exciting news Members!

RevolutionSimRacing are very proud and excited to announce the opening of our very own branded products storefront! In partnership with Gamers Apparel, we have put together a selection of RSR-branded items for you to proudly sport on your back, your head, your desk and...