Daylight Saving Time

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It is time again! The clocks have changed from 26th to 27th October 2019 which means we are also changing our start times (UTC+0) that our events are still starting for everybody at the same time locally. Short explanation about Daylight saving time:

"Daylight saving time (DST) or summer time is the practice of advancing clocks during summer months...

The RSR Newsletter - May/June 2019

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Welcome Members, to the May and June 2019 issue of the RSR newsletter!

Social Media Expert wanted!
We're looking for an enthusiastic member (or members) who's skilled in the use of social media, to take the reins of RSR's social media outlets. This role will involve reviving the RSR media presence by regularly posting updates...

Rule Changes

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There are small changes in our Driving Standards. Please have a read:

1.4 Lapping
1.4.1 - If you are going to be lapped, you should hold your racing line and leave the other driver responsible for making a safe pass. By sticking to the racing line, your movements are more predictable. It is also helpful to lift off...

The RSR Newsletter - March/April 2019

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Welcome Members, to the March and April 2019 issue of the RSR newsletter!

iRacing - A Great Start to the New Season
First up was the 12 hours of Sebring where we had a strong showing of 11 drivers split over 4 teams across 2 disciplines (1 x Daytona Prototype, 2 Ferrari GTE & 1 Mercedes AMG). Team Pink consisting of...

Merchandise has arrived!

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Exciting news Members!

RevolutionSimRacing are very proud and excited to announce the opening of our very own branded products storefront! In partnership with Gamers Apparel, we have put together a selection of RSR-branded items for you to proudly sport on your back, your head, your desk and...