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Project CARS 2

Important Changes to Induction & Member Promotions

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Why we're doing this:
- The induction & promotion process has been a central feature of our community since day 1. By only passing drivers who exceed our driving standards, we have built a reputation for providing clean & respectful racing.
- With the recent expansion of running regular events in different games...

Project CARS 2 - PC Update - Release Notes

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Various improvements, fixes and optimisations.
- Fixed occasional stability issues.
- Improved usability of in-game tools.
- Improved AI ability at various tracks...

Project CARS 2 - Patch - Release Notes

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Addition of the Ferrari 488 Challenge car, and liveries from the 2017 Ferrari Challenge series. This is the latest Ferrari to feature in Maranello’s single-marque championship, and the most powerful car in the series’ 25-year history. Addition of two new layouts to the Porsche Leipzig on-road circuit. Corrected a small number of turbo and suspension issues on various cars. Resolved an issue...