About Us

RevolutionSimRacing has come about through several years experience of online and league-based racing and a desire to overcome the many issues inherent in a league-based system. Our overriding goal is to give people, of all abilities, a friendly and welcoming community of like minded gamers and to give them a platform to race competitively, with good driving standards from all involved. RevolutionSimRacing is a PC community that has been built from the ground up around our core principles:

  • Sim Racing should be as competitive as possible for all
  • Anyone who can compete cleanly and fairly is welcome, regardless of pace
  • No-one will need to commit to being available at the same time every week
  • All competitors will have something to race for
  • A wide and varied selection of cars, tracks and race formats will be available

Our standard format involves two sessions a week. Firstly, every Tuesday evening, we hold an induction session, allowing the RevolutionSimRacing leaders and stewards a chance to assess new drivers and sign them off to race with us, as and when their driving standards meet our requirements. Existing drivers are also welcome to attend these induction sessions but may prefer to run a separate practice session based on the upcoming races. The second of our weekly sessions, held on a Thursday evening, involves our ranked races or time trial cut-offs. These sessions will offer a variety of sprint and endurance races spanning the full breadth of the track and car types.

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