Induction & Promotion

Our recruitment and induction process is designed to be simple, transparent and fair to all whilst ensuring that RevolutionSimRacing drivers maintain a high standard of competition on the track. In order to register your interest please ensure you have read and understood all of our Rules and Regulations and are happy to abide by them. After signing up at our website you will receive an inbox message with our TeamSpeak 3 Server details and important links to certain topics. You will then be able to log into our TeamSpeak 3 Server and will be assigned a red RSR applicant icon when you joining an Induction Night for the very first time.


This red icon indicates that you are an RSR applicant and are therefore eligible to race in our induction and promotion races held every Tuesday. During these races RSR staff will be assessing your driving standards, your TeamSpeak 3 conduct and your general attitude with a view to promoting you to an orange RSR badge . There is no element of this process that is dependent on your pace, drivers of all abilities are welcome. Anyone can progress as long as they are able to display good awareness, clean and fair driving and the right attitude on TeamSpeak 3 and in our Revolution Sim Racing thread(s) on the Project Cars forum.

When you have been promoted and have this orange RSR badge you are eligible for our organized events, usually held on a Thursday and/or a Sunday. Achieving this promotion is completely at the discretion of RSR staff and, as mentioned above, is dependent on a number of factors. This should be treated as a probationary step towards getting the green badge denoting a full RSR member.


The next step for any driver with an orange RSR probation badge is promotion to full member status and the green badge that comes with this. Once again this is solely at the discretion of RSR staff and is based on you continuing the standards displayed for your original promotion in our events. This promotion system works both ways. Members repeatedly causing issues on track or displaying a bad attitude on TeamSpeak 3 or our Forum Thread(s) may have their member status demoted.