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TeamSpeak Conduct

TeamSpeak Conduct

Revolution Sim Racing expect all members to behave respectfully and politely at all times when on TeamSpeak 3 and any Forums with a RSR presence. We want to foster a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and will not tolerate any form of personal attack or threatening behaviour towards RSR staff or any of our members. Swearing is not permitted during any of our official sessions. Not only does it break everyone’s concentration it reflects poorly on RSR in videos and livestreams, Please remain in control of your emotions and speak clearly, calmly and politely on TeamSpeak 3.

During any events, communication should be kept to an absolute minimum. A warning that you are alongside someone or are leaving the pits is perfectly acceptable. Discussions of race incidents, whilst the race is still in progress, are not acceptable – you will have plenty of opportunity to discuss incidents after the race has concluded. This communication level will begin as soon as the cars are on the grid and will apply right up until all cars have finished the race.

If you can, please use push to talk as to avoid unwanted broadcasting. If you can’t, adjust your settings so it does not pick up wheel sounds or any other unwanted noise. We encourage communication during races. However be aware that too much chatter during races can be really distracting, so please keep it to race essential information. Same goes for qualifying aswell.

Last but not least, we would like to remind everybody that you need to ensure your in-game volume allows you to clearly hear Teamspeak communications. This ensures that everybody can hear instructions from the admins or for communication from other drivers, such as lapping requests.