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Software Blue Monkey's Workspace for Motec 1.0

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Made for rFactor 2 iMoTec i2 Pro - Oreca 07
You need this plugin to read it out:

The filename should be:
[GPS Track] Blue Monkey's Workspace for Motec 1.0.i2wsp-archive
and if you have Motec installed, you can simply open it and it should add it. If that doesn't work:
File > Workspace > Open Workspace > (bottom) Import and select this downloaded file (again, if not done already, remove the .zip)

  • GPS Track Layout because some tracks are not in the database it seems (ie. Indy 2007) and Track Map Layout does not work there
  • If you want to use it for another car, you might have to adjust some ranges (ie. RPMs)
  • I have no real idea what I am doing, I put into this Workspace what I think is useful
  • Bottoming out graph, 1= bottoming out, 0 = no bottoming out! >>> Unfortunately, this seems to be broken :(
  • Important: Readout for too much rake / not enough rake: You always need to set the desired rake under Tools > Maths > (bottom) Constants > Optimum ride height [mm]
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