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Software PitLane PenaltyApp Endurance v2.01e

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  1. Download the app.
  2. Unzip the app into /assettocorsa/apps/python folder.

Basic Information
  • Pit Lane Penalty is an app which detects race track cutting.
  • You will receive 8 warnings of cutting the track or exceeding the track limits. On the 5th such event, you will automatically be issued with a drive-through penalty.
  • You have 3 laps to serve this drive-through. Failure to serve the penalty will result in disqualification.

Criteria for detecting track cuts
  • Track cutting is defined as 3 or more wheels outside of the track limits, as per AC's cut detection.
  • Only cuts over 50 kph are registered.
  • If you are off-track for more than 1.3 seconds, or slow down to less than 90% of your track exit speed at any time while off-track before re-entering, a cut won't be registered (this is to prevent accidents registering as cuts). The app will detect high speed cuts that last longer than 1.3 seconds, where you have not slowed down.
  • When entering the pits, you must reduce your speed to the pit-lane limit before the pit-lane entry line. Failure to do so - ie, speeding in the pit-lane - will result in an instant drive-through penalty.

If you already have PLP installed, you will still need to download the app from the link above and use our ini file.

Start Assetto Corsa, navigate to OPTIONS > GENERAL and then put a check next to PitLanePenalty to enable the app.



Move your mouse pointer to the right hand side of the screen so the available apps display. Scroll down and select PIT LANE PENALTY to activate the app. A small black window will pop up for 10 seconds. Move this window to your desired location. Some screenshots of what the app will show:



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