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Tom Shane Profiler

Software Tom Shane Profiler (Latest)

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  • Requires .NET Framework 4.5 to run.
  • Allows to create new file, save it and open later.
  • Allows to connect live pCARS session and record data.
  • Allows to analyze and compare laps.
  • Allows to configure custom gauges and graphs.

How to use (with pCARS running and Shared Memory enabled):
  • Run application and go to File -> New (Ctrl-N).
  • Connect pCARS with Tools -> Connect (Ctrl-C or global Ctrl-Shift-C).
  • Switch to game and start a session, once lap timer starts, recording starts as well.
  • Run few laps and watch live data in the Profiler (live data are displayed in 30sec/1000m window).
  • When you switch to Profiler, session is automatically paused and you can work with charts (zooming, scrolling with mouse/mouse wheel).
  • If the session is not paused, some controls (lap panel and chart) are locked from interaction.
  • You can set overlay laps for comparison.

How to enable Shared Memory in pCARS:
  • Run game and navigate to [Options & Help].
  • Click [Visuals] menu item.
  • On the [Hardware] tab set [Use Shared Memory] to [Yes].
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Works well specially from other profilers I've used in the past Seems to be more information and easier to use