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A little update from me, for those curious what's been happening (1 Viewer)


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Aug 28, 2016
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This will (hopefully!) be the last update for a little while.

Through sheer hard work and some help from friends in the village at the weekend, we got the annex finished and ready to move in to at 10am Monday morning. We then left the house and went to the hospital to collect mother, with the hospital now desparate to discharge her as there was "no medical reason" to keep her in (Alzheimer's in incurable, so it doesn't count :rolleyes: ). We lead mother up the garden path (literally, not figuratively!) and opened the doors into the main living room area of the annex. The tears of joy were enough to almost enough to bring a tear to my eye too.

"Oh it's lovely, it's just like home. All my things are there, the furniture, everything. Oh it's fantastic"

She wouldn't understand just how much work went into getting that reaction but it was worth it. Every minute, every sore muscle, every swear word, every temper lost, all of it was worth it for those precious few moments.

She's settled in quite quickly but it's going to take a while to fully settle, they were in the house for just over 10 years after all and her condition doesn't make dramatic changes like this very easy. We'll do what we've been doing for months now, taking one day at a time and crossing every hurdle as we encounter it.

If any of this helps any of you in the future then it was a bonus on the original reason I wrote these little updates. I needed to share what was happening and although there's a large number of people here that have never raced with me, RSR is my second home, my fellow staff are my surrogate family. I won't name names, but one of the staff offered to travel some distance to try and help me and my father finish the annex on time for mother's return. That offer meant a huge amount. It's why this place is so damn special to a lot of us, it's that bond that goes far deeper than just a bunch of silly avatars or nicknames.

To everybody here, thank you for reading it and thanks for your supporting words, it has been - and will continue to be - very much appreciated :pompous:

(I'm not going anywhere, I'm still lurking in the background, trying to help when I can, if I can)

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