Anybody considering a Motion Sim? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 5, 2017
I've been saving for around 3 years (helped by not being much a of a drinker and a non-smoker) with a view to getting a motion sim, and I'm finally going to push the button on one in the next few weeks...problem is what to go for!

I only play racing games and ED, and I'm a VR addict now so I'd narrowed it down to Prosimu T1000 3Dof or the dofreality 3dof ... but now dofreality have started selling a 6dof version, and I'm having a rethink...

Anybody got any experience of motion rigs? I've used a couple at events, but that's about it...I like the videos I've seen of all the options, but I can't decide what to go for!

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