ACC Resolved Blancpain Challenge - Rd 4: Suzuka - Incident (1 Viewer)

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Aug 25, 2019
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Date: 26/07/2020
Event:RSR PRP Blancpain challenge round 4 - Suzuka
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Replay Timestamp / Lap: 72min45 / Lap 32
I am not looking for penality, I just want to ask to be less aggressive in overtaking cars.
I am blue flagged, i left room and leave the throttle to let him pass easily in the inside but he pushed me outside instead of keeping the inside line.
Overtaking a blue flagged car doesnt mean you are allowed to throw the backmarker out; or I missed something in the rules.


Detailled video:

At around 40sec in detailled video, we can see that he releases the wheel like if I wasnt there and pushed me out of track.

I dont have footage of the first crash done after my pit exit, but i was loosing my car anyway. But twice in same race I had to raise my hand.


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Jun 23, 2017
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I dont have any footage that shows anything different from what is here.

The first incident I had no where to go because you were out of control sliding across apex of the corner. I just held my line and hit the brakes and tapped your bumper.

This one looks way worse on your end than what I experienced. Net code? So I apologize for that. I was hard on the throttle and my porsche was slippery there the entire race. There was no contact on my screen but of course I saw you go off and i assumed I mustve bumped you. So I apologize for that.

I just dont know why I have to overtake you like I am racing for position. I would have let you by before spoon if you were doing the lapping and save us both time. I was chasing the Aston right up the road there so I was pushing hard. I think both of my incidents come down to our different philosophy for blue flags and because I do 99.99% of my sim racing with my league, i forget to adapt.

I'll take a penalty if required. That's fair in my mind.
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May 3, 2017
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Moved to stewards.

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Sep 14, 2016
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The Stewards have reviewed the case and agree that While both drivers could have done more to avoid this incident, @FlyAxL could have left more room or ignored the blue flags until safely around the next corner before lifting off on the straight. @Synystr knowing his car was a bit "slippery" should have thought twice about lapping mid corner and waited until the straight after where the overtake could be executed in a safe manner. A reminder to both of you, when lapping other cars you have to be mindful that the other car might not know who you are or be expecting you to overtake in a corner, if your being lapped then its best to allow the lapping car through in the safest manner, making your decision clear and predictable while communicating via TeamSpeak as to when they can pass. Should this type of incident happen again, it may result in a penalty but this time the stewards agreed that advice and a reminder was sufficient.

> Penalty: No Further Action & 0 Licence points

Additional Comments:
The Staff would like to remind Members the Stewards Room is available for any incident on track and are welcome to comment in open enquiries they are tagged in, comments and evidence provided is handed to the stewards once the all evidence has been provided(subject to time limit) for review and discussion. Any off track concerns can be reported directly to Staff or through the "Contact Staff" form.

Finally, a reminder that any increase in driving standards violations could result in an increase in penalty's awarded, Should you need to familiarise yourself with our Rules and Regulations then please do so.
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