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Jan 23, 2018
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Sassy Apps Endurance Manager Utility [v.07]

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Hey guys, I stumbled across a 'better' stint planning tool for big events like the upcoming D24. It is big and maybe even a bit too much at one point, but in the end I think it could bring us important strategic informations and benefits. For comparison, here is what we used in the past.

I'll try to sum up the advantages of using this tool:
  • Precise stint length calculation - and therefore number of total stints calculation
    • The calculation is based on Average lap per driver, the Pitstops (with or without tire change), the Stint Type (with or without fuel saving) and even the Time of Day Factor (day or night driving)
    • This is very important as for example if stint length turns out to be 1:03 h instead of 1:00 h you will end up with having 23 stints instead of 24 - and the start/end times will be completely different after only a few stints.
  • The possibility to type in an "Actual End Time" of a finished stint and the automatic re-calculation of the remaining stints
    • This means if something unplanned happens - a crash or slower laptimes as expected - you don't have to do a new stint planning on your own.
    • You can even add a "Damage Modifier" (hopefully not used often) to adjust the length of all remaining stints
    • This is IMO the most valuable benefit
  • More precice Driver Availability planning
    • So far we did the availability planning on a stint-basis - you typed in if you could do the stint or not.
    • This tool does the planning on a half-an-hour-basis - you give information about every half and hour if you can drive or not (or maybe)
    • That means you can schedule in a more precice way and also re-schedule easier in case of an unplanned event
Those are the main benefits - on top there things like Displaying local times (without a click you will see the start/end times in your timezone) and Average iRating Calcs (to determine the iRating you wanna sign-up with).

It may take a minute or two to get used to the sheet, but I think it could pay off very well. There are also tons of tooltips in the cells to help.
I already played around a little and did some theoretical calculation for Daytona with @Vernux and @PiGuy. Here you can see how a filled sheet could look like. Of course nobody is forced to use this, but I thought I'd share with you as I'm definitely going to try it out.

Note: In my sheet I adjusted the time format to only "hh:mm" as I get heavily confused with the AM/PM stuff. The original files are still in the AM/PM format.

You can find the templates here:
Note from creator: You will need to download a copy somewhere on a google drive you have control over using File -> Make a Copy. If you don't, it will be read-only and a fair bit of functionality won't work correctly, like all of the dropdowns. You will, however, be able to check out all the tooltips and get a feel for whether this is something that would be useful for you.


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May 3, 2017
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Cool! I will check that out later, in rfactor we use our own custom spreadsheet where we have fuel calculations and stint timing. But have also recorded data from other teams and noted their driving to aid us when we have to race hard against them.
Over the winter break I will probably redesign my simhub and make sure it works for iracing too


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Apr 20, 2018
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I really like this, could be great in "recording" some kind of memorabilia that we did the race, I'll use it

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