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AC Evolution Series - S1 - R4: Hungaroring - 4th February 2019 (1 Viewer)

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RSR Admin

Sep 14, 2016
Orange Zone Investigation

0:00 / @Jamesl91 - Finishing a qualifying lap after being asked to retire to the pits
> Penalty: Qualifying Ban (R4)

2:01 / @Ellisimo - Following a bad start, Ellisimo moved sharply to the middle of the track, causing contact with Dama_The_Crow
> No further action

2:10 / @Diluvian - Slight movement during first corner braking zone, hitting t0daY
> Penalty: Reprimand for causing contact with another car

2:20 / @Snouffy - Moving to the left causing contact with a number of cars
> Penalty: Reprimand for causing contact with other cars

2:32 / @Vernux - Jetpistol slowed dramatically to avoid potential contact, Vernux failed to react accordingly and swerved into other cars
> Racing Incident

2:34 / @Diluvian - Swerved to avoid Vernux, resulting in collision with Puffpirat
> No further action

3:00 / @The Wayfaerer - Forcing Mr AlcoN to take avoiding action, resulting in further contact with cheekymunkey
> Penalty: Reprimand for making contact with another car

3:03 / @Dama_The_Crow - Making contact with Battenberg and forcing him off the track + Breaching qualifying conditions and involved in mutliple incidents during the Orange zone
> Penalty: Qualifying Ban (R4)

Lap 1 Track Limit Violations:
We are issuing a warning to the following drivers for not respecting track limits in lap 1. A 2nd warning in any of the remaining rounds will automatically be converted into a time penalty: @Jeff[NL], @Angel

Already warned: -

Random Track Limit Check Ups:
@Vernux = 4 cuts > No further action
@The Wayfaerer = 12 cuts > 10 second time penalty
@Dangerous Gianetta = 15 cuts > 15 second time penalty
@cheekymunkey78 = 8 cuts > No further action
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