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Dec 7, 2018
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This is the feedback thread for the Evolution Series - Season 3. Specific feedback that we are looking for includes the following:-
  • Positive, negative, neutral feedback, whatever comes to your mind!
  • Which car would you like to drive for future seasons?
  • How did you like the schedule?
  • Do you have any other general feedback?
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Sep 16, 2016
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Positive :
  • Track selection was spot on for these cars.
  • Field of custom liveries looked great.
  • Schedule worked well for me.
  • Reverse top 10 made my nights a lot more interesting (I had many front row starts!).
  • @Alex Salmon providing his setup for each race throughout the season - much appreciated, even If it improved/ruined it myself afterwards! Also great to develop and understand the car with his help in practice sessions. I hope to see more of this openness from other competitors in the future - if the champ is happy to do it, would be great to see others doing the same.
  • Championship drop score.
  • 2 Race format. Just the right length.
  • Damage repair times - was fun to come back through the field after a lap 1 incident.
  • The car:
    • I found it took me a long time to get into the 'groove' of this car. My usual hour/ hour and a half worth of practice before qualy wasn't enough to feel comfortable and confident with it. I had a lot of silly spins and twitchy moments though out the season which ruined my consistency. I did really well on races where I could free up a night before to prepare (Magny Cours and Road Atlanta - before I binned it), but with work and other commitments I was often going into races not feeling prepared enough. Most often only during race 2 I would feel happy in the car.​
    • The tyres were not great, but we knew that before the start of the season. Once you understood you can't cane them every lap, and to back off for a few corners after a spin (as we all discussed after the preseason rounds), they were manageable and perfectly raceable.​
    • Generally difficult - but rewarding - to drive. Still raceable with dirty air and DRS, I pulled off some stonking moves this season! :D
  • Participation drop off/no shows.
  • Pit Lane Penalty - I had far more erroneous warnings than genuine cuts, same as previous seasons. I don't think we need it.
  • Slow steward cases/orange zone reports.
Thoughts for future seasons:
  • Would like to see something vintage, 1960's or 70's, maybe GT?

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Mar 28, 2017
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  • i really liked the car as it seems to suit my driving style and i was able to keep up with some of our finest aliens (at least for parts of the races ^^)
  • the semi fixed setup, you still had a bit of room to play around but in general it didn't take much more than half an hour to an hour to get a decent setup out of the baseline
  • working again with my former enduro teammate @Battenberg
  • i think it is safe to say we had some of the best races in RSR history in this league this season (looking at you Magny Cours Race 2)
  • i also think the driving standards were really on point this season with not much to be further reviewed by the stewards
  • the track selection was also really nice, especially with some not so mainstream tracks like Magny Cours

  • the participation: i have this in mixed as i think it was pretty much a catch 22 this season. I think because of the smaller sized fields we definitely had cleaner races but at least at the front it was probably closer than ever. I also understand that sometimes real life gets in the way, it was also the case with me for the last 2 races with me being at university and not being able get home in time, but what i don't understand is we have at least 10 people who signed up and never showed up for any of the races.

  • the only negative i could think of was the slow orange zone/penalty reports, but I am not jealous to anyone who does this job. And the stewards to a great job in my opinion so this shouldn't be seen as a big minus

What would i like to see in the future:
  • V8 Supercars
  • maybe somehting classic
  • as an Indycar fanboy i have to say the IR18 or the CART '99 cars (although it will never happen)
  • something GT styled (maybe the GT1 pack?)

i hope i could give a bit of feedback (while procastenating and not working on my bachelor thesis XD) and hopefully we see a new season soon


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Oct 24, 2018
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My feedback for this season is short and sweet as overall I believe the system in place is now well refined.

One thing I would like to see change is the drivers briefing. In my opinion is too far away from qualifying. Having to join 30 minutes before any serious racing takes place seems too far away for an online league where timings and attendance are already proving difficult.
  • I propose either moving the briefing to 10 minutes before qualifying or moving the qualifying earlier. There does not seem to be many drivers that "join late" so this might help participation.

Driver attendance once again has been poor. For me if a person can not make it (for whatever reason) but lets the community know within the agreed time frame then that is not an issue. This season however I have seen a lot of drivers just not turning up. This does not seem right and can generate negativity within the league.
  • I propose harsher action against the no showers when proven they just did not show up (we have all had incidents which prevent us from attending thing we agreed to but this season for me there were just too many no shows).

Schedule was good, I was worried about a break every two weeks but this actually helped keep my interest.
Tracks were good, all promoted good, high tense racing and a great challenge with the tyres on this car.
Car I loved, open wheel is always my favourite and with the delicate nature of these tyres proved a real challenge. You could see towards the end of a race the people who abused there tyres early on.

Bring on any car for next season.

Kind regards all.:)


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Apr 20, 2018
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  • It was fun driving high df cars, although these cars were really hard to get a hold of. I only got used to them at Suzuka. Still way off the pace, but felt more comfortable. Also, and it might just be my absent skill, but the cars didn't feel as affected by damage as the F renaults in Pcars2.
  • The 30/30 race format does not seem long, but some races were extremely tiring. I'm relieved races weren't longer.
  • The tracks were great. They allowed for different setup strategies.
  • The race threads were always live punctually, as well as the practice server. Good organisation.
  • Driving standards were generally on point. Can't remember much contact. The skill level was also very high, impressively and dauntingly so.
  • Everyone was generally very friendly and chatty, there was a good atmosphere, even though I didn't chat myself.
  • The tried and tested 2 weeks on, 1 week off works.
  • The car was a real challenge. I felt like I had to be unbelievably tentative. It showed when I tried @Alex Salmon 's setups - I couldn't even get the tires up to temp at the first races. (Thanks @Alex Salmon for uploading setups, it was a life saver getting something to work with)
  • Not a fan of practice after driver briefing. At most races the second race just started too late for me, I was too fatigued.
  • Although attendance was low, the drivers that did attend were regulars and committed. I think having those committed drivers helped with driving standards, but it was still disappointing seeing turn out at races.
Thanks for having me, thanks to the admins and all, I think it was a good season.

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