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Dec 7, 2018
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This is the feedback thread for the Endurance Series - Season 1. Specific feedback that we are looking for includes the following:-
  • Positive, negative, neutral feedback, whatever comes to your mind!
  • Which car would you like to drive for future seasons?
  • How did you like the schedule?
  • Do you have any other general feedback?
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Daniel H

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Jan 23, 2020
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-very respectfull, carefull and good Drivers in this League
-2 classes Prototype and GTE was interesting
-new Traks i didn´t know before

-not enough drivers for 2 classes
-sometimes driving gets boring, when you see no one for many rounds
-smaltalk should be allowed within certain limits
-The results should be updated in 24h - now it takes 2 weeks, is there an reason?
-Drivers that don´t show up and didn´t say anything should be banned out of the league, so we know where we are after some rounds.

Which car would you like to drive for future seasons?
-i want an open class, I like the Ferrari GT2 for example, should ceep up with the corvette

How did you like the schedule?
-the time were right for me personally


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Oct 24, 2018
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My first multiclass experience and you were all amazing, very gentle and respectful . The unique dimension of different car types on track really changes thing up.

Unfortunately this created a split that I do not think works beyond a one off race in sim racing. I explain my thoughts on participation later but let's face it every sim league in the world as the season progresses sees large drops in numbers and usually ends with about 10-15 drivers at best. In multiclass this would always end with small numbers in each class. In single class you can have great races with 10-15 drivers.

great combo of cars, they complemented each other for multiclass.

shame about the pitstop bug for the Proto.

Having to pay for a car that I was not driving was a deal breaker for me but I had a friend who helped me out so I could race (and they wouldn't take no for an answer - you know who you are and I'm very grateful ).

I thought these tracks worked great with the GTE, all very flowing, simple to learn but a lot to master.
I liked they were part of a theme, added to the series and immersion.

At first I was worried about having a break every two week (cheeky needs to get his fix weekly of sim-racing ). In reality I really like it. Having that free week gives me flexibility to plan other things around this commitment but the real benefit is it renews my enthusiasm for the next two races.

Race lengths and points
I do enjoy 1hour+ races. Mistakes are not race ending and strategy plays a much bigger part.
Point system this year meant every position was worth fighting for and completing the race was really worth it. Worked well in combo with race distance.

The people that actually raced. It was a genuine joy to be involved in this league. I loved listening to you all and reading the feedback on the forums. Competition is high and strong but so friendly, supportive and respectful.

We are all going to say it, how can we have 35+ sign ups but only get 14 people show. I'm not talking about people with genuine reasons (mental health, family commitments, illness, missing the odd race, technical rig issues, even the ones who let us know they won't be racing that week and say it every week - we've all been there) every week you expect a few dropout but this season so many appeared to not be bothered from the start and didn't even provide reasoning to the community or at least the organisers - they "signed up then run". This was disrespectful to all but especially the organisers who spend there time so others can just enjoy.
It must be tough trying to grow a community but personally I would like to see greater punishment and a "culling" of these people from this league and future events so not to waste time and expectations on them.

Two points to consider:
Semi open set-ups really helps sim-racing IMO but an amazing key moment happened when @Exited shared his knowledge of the differential power % for the GTE. This made the car a joy to race was a game changer for me (and I think others too) this was something I would have never of discovered on my own and got me thinking - before a season perhaps having someone explain the characteristics and what effect the setting you can alter have on the car we are racing that season. Even have them recommend some general settings for different driving styles. Would certainly help me to get to know the car better before race 4/5 of the season.

Target time:
Second thought which would help is for one of the quicker drivers to post a target laptime for each track/car combo. It would give me a target to aim for and an extra challenge before race day. (I'll never reach it , but the challenge will be fun).

Hope to see you all on the track soon.

Stay safe,



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Sep 20, 2016
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  1. Positive: clean racing beside some misunderstandings in lapping and good car
  2. Negative: multiclass with 15-16 drivers showing up at best resulted in 6-7 drivers per class and many times race felt like a long solo practice session, using free mod cars or official kunos cars (the default ones and the ones in the dlcs) could probably help, some mod tracks were also bad visually and performance wise especially with vr, i couldn't stand last track in vr and switched to monitor, short tracks like road atlanta or mosport also don't help with multiclass, i don't want to think what could have happened there with 25-30 drivers on separate classes
  3. Cars for future seasons: i'd like modern hybrid lmp1 cars, hybrid management would spice things up a lot as hybrid can be activated as a push to pass button or is auto-deployed based on mgu-k management in car settings, audi and toyota 2014 would be great, maybe we could also put 2015 porsche in the fray but maybe a bop is needed for that. As for tracks i'd like traditional F1 and Wec tracks

Aggelos Iliakis

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Jan 9, 2020
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Soo for me this whole experience was mostly positive.

As my first participation in league racing and generally endurance i really liked the concept of two seperate classes it made my race fun even though i would be in no man's land.

The only negative thing about it was the fact i had to pay for a car i wont probably ever drive and the participation. At first i wanted to experience a multi class racing with 30-35 drivers but later down the road realised that a lot of people wont ever show up.

Also i really liked the fact that i had to learn new tracks and i had to practice a lot to be competive even if it was only good for P5 or P6 most of the time.Though i would like if fast drivers would set a target time so i can know if i am fast in practice etc.

Personally for future seasons i would like to drive GT3-GT2 cars as those are my favorite classes but i understand that ACC can provide racing in those classes much more enjoyably, so i am open to everything.

The schedule worked quite fine with me considering how full of uni is my week.

Again i want to say a last thank you to the staff that organized this:D:D


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Mar 10, 2019
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> Positive, negative, neutral feedback, whatever comes to your mind! <
- Organization as always top-notch (minus the update on the standings)

- The multiclass setting was really nice, but the paycar could've been replaced with for example the OrecaFLM09 or the Chevy DP's which are totally free!

- what leads to the next point, which was the low participation! One reason was the no-show of any OTL members (I was the only one :rolleyes:)
and probably that nobody wants to join a league mid-season with a pay car

- GTE could've had some more variety by adding the Ferrari and the BMW, they're a bit weaker on top speed, but nothing a bit of ballast could've fixed

- generally loved the American theme and setting and I like when things go with a little theme, usually adds some flavor but for overall participation the occasional "Spa" would do the trick I guess.

- careful to choose to host an event together with another team, orga, community as it seems... Which completely blows my mind because I take part in their events regularly and I've never seen such a disappointing display of complete "no-show"! Kinda sad honestly...

- 1 1/2 hour only works with a big field, but the last races could've been done with 1 hour or only 45 minutes not that I mind, I always will drive the full lengths but I see why people would prefer shorter races because of it

- Driving in generall what I've seen is always top-notch and super clean, One of the main reasons for me to join a League, thanks for that!

> Which car would you like to drive for future seasons? <
With this game the possibilities are endless! Well depending how RSR handles rip'd/copied content but even if that's a no go here there is still enough to show for!

Group C, Group 5, DTM, BTCC; Supercars V8, Trackday Cars like Radicals, Caterham, X-Bow; some 60s or 70s TC or formula cars; Skip barbers; Volvo Trucks (fuck yeah!); Any kind of Touring Car setting no matter the speed with exotic track choices!

Like I would go balls to the walls if someone would do a Gran Turismo themed league with all the different settings with specific cars:
Seattle/American Muscle Cars, Feldberg-Ring european Vintage and so on, you can see where I'm going with this! :cool:

You see I basically drive anything just PLEASE no GT3 or anything that has too much similarities with sims like iRacing or ACC.
That just doesn't play into the strengths of this game..
Generally speaking I Hope the low participation does not turn you guys off to do more stuff with AC! Would be a real shame because I really enjoy this game and would love to get some more action with you guys in this game!

Anybody saying that AC is too much to handle with all these mods should look up a tutorial of Content manager and bam! It's imho variety wise the best sim on the market!

> How did you like the schedule? <
Schedule was fine as always, no complaints here!
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Oct 22, 2018
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  • Positive, negative, neutral feedback, whatever comes to your mind!
Positive stuff....enjoyed the multiclass endurance format. Have never done a season like this before, the norm is sprint races. The Corvette was a great choice, sounds good and is pretty stable, once you've made a couple of small changes. The semi locked setup worked well here. Overall the standard of driving was great, only a few dodgy moments. I liked the track choices and the American theme.

Negative stuff....well I think we can all agree the turn out was a big disappointment. I only missed one round myself but I don't think I remember there ever being more than 17/18 drivers maybe? The every was around 14, and once you get a couple of drop outs during the race, it can be very quiet on track. Less drivers also means less likely to battle with people, especially coupled with the endurance format.

Neutral stuff....I understand not everyone wants to pay for mods. For me, I'm always happy to go with most options.
  • Which car would you like to drive for future seasons?
I'd like to see something a bit different. Other games have the GT cars covered, but maybe something a bit old school with less power. I've always found that lower powered cars give closer racing. Maybe old touring cars, maybe even going to the 70s for something classic? But always open to trying anything, as long as it isn't fast open wheelers (because I'm rubbish with them)
  • How did you like the schedule?
Schedule worked for me. A break every 2 weeks was nice, but I wonder if that stretched the league out too long and people then didn't come to race?
  • Do you have any other general feedback?
Maybe updating the results a but quicker would be nice, but that is a very minor gripe. Huge thank you as always to everyone who puts the league together and makes it pretty much run faultlessly!

See you in the next season! :cool:

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