Project CARS 2 Mar 1, 2019 - TT #7 - Mitsubishi Evo VI SVA @ Mojave Sidewinder (1 Viewer)

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Sep 14, 2016

Welcome RSR Members to the seventh round of our Hotlap Championship and the 3rd round of 2019. The goal is simple, set your fastest time using the in-game time-trial mode, with the car and track combo posted. If you're like Cluck and not a setup wizard then you can opt to use one of the default presets (loose, stable or OEM - where available) as we'll be running separate divisions for open and default setups.

Date: 1st March 2019 - 31st March 2019
Car: Mitsubishi Evo VI SVA
Track: Mojave Sidewinder

Some basic stuff
If you've previously set a time on this combo and you are unable to beat it, please take a screenshot before leaving the session or your time will be excluded. If you are taking part in the Default Setup division and are unable to beat a time you have previously set on a Custom Setup, then you must record video evidence to prove your time was set on default or your time will NOT be included for the round. You can only set a time in one division, custom OR default, per round - your time will be taken from the leaderboards at the end of the month, so please do not try and beat your own default setup time with a custom setup (or vice versa), until the month has ended and the results have been posted.

If you are taking part in the 'default' division, you must select an in-built default preset, do NOT match a custom setup to the in-game defaults. We will be using the SMS leaderboards to verify the times and setups used.

The track limits will be defined by the in-game limits, not "Two wheels within the white lines". If those limits seem too loose or too tight, drive your lap accordingly. We will not be reviewing laps unless they are suspiciously fast.

Current Top 5 (updated 20/03/2019 @ 19:00)
  1. @PiGuy - 0:55.959 (D)
  2. @Born2BSlow - 0:56.440 (D)
  3. @Nakor - 0:56.679 (D)
  4. @Sonic - 0:56.780 (D)
  5. @serioh9 - 0:56.799 (D)
(D) = Default Setup | (C) = Custom Setup

Good luck and have fun, because fun is what this is all about!


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Feb 8, 2017

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