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Well-Known Member
Dec 21, 2016
"Relatively new to RSR, FuBii_ has quickly become one of our most active members both in the forums and out on track. The consistently quick pace he has displayed on debut becomes even more remarkable when you realise he's doing it ON A GAMEPAD!!!"

Username: FuBii_
Real Name: Daniel J. Page
Country of Residence: Scotland
Date of Birth: 7 November 1990
Occupation: Technical Supervisor
Daily Drive: Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI SRi

Favourite Car: Maserati Alfieri or BAC Mono
Favourite Track: Impossible to pick. Suzuka or Spa.
Favourite RSR Memory: Has to be the Silverstone round, season one of the International Cup. Qualified 5th and managed to finish 3rd, taking my first podium in RSR. Pushed hard by Pete at the start who kept piling the pressure on throughout until the pitstop, I stayed out longer than most over driving the tyres to keep heat in them for as long as possible. When I did come out of the pits I had reduced the gap to the leaders to 6 seconds and managed to close up further where I was able to witness one of the closest races in the final laps between Just G and Battenberg. Still wish I was recording because it was lesson in racing I won't forget anytime soon!
Favourite RSR Admin: Had some good battles with a few of them now and able to talk with most. I genuinely couldn't pick one above the rest. They are all great characters in the grand scheme of things.
Favourite Food: Cookies
Favourite Artist: Deadmau5
Favourite Film: The 5th Element

Hobbies Outside of Racing: CAD, designing and creating stage setups/light shows for work, creating visual clips for 3D projections (still learning), movies, anime & gaming :p
How many languages do you speak? 1 (badly)
What is your dream holiday destination? Has to be the Maldives. Would love to do NZ properly.
Who is your personal RSR rival? Haven't raced with you all yet to choose.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Koi - something kept as decoration with no predators in the same pond hahaha.

How did you get your username? When I first started gaming online it was the military acronym FuBaR (I'm a military brat), but people at the time struggled with the pronunciation and shortened it to FuBi. This was waaay back in 2008. When I made the switch I mis-spelled it and added the extra "i" by mistake but it's been stuck ever since. Great thing is the acronym still works... just :p

The Wayfaerer

Senior Member
Mar 28, 2017
"This young Austrian has taken RSR by storm! Proving his consistency and pace on track early on, The Wayfaerer went on to win split 2 of the Revolution Cup - Season 2 in convincing fashion, always racing cleanly and fairly in the process."

Username: The Wayfaerer
Real Name: Michael Großberger
Country of Residence: Austria
Date of Birth: 2 January 1997
Occupation: Student
Daily Drive: My parent's VW Golf GT '04.

Favourite Car: EKS Audi S1 RX and the classic Dodge Charger R/T.
Favourite Track: Nordschleife, Bathurst & Talladega Superspeedway
Favourite RSR Memory: My first win at the season-opener of the Revolution Cup - Season 2 at Zhuhai and the intense battle with Manu at the end of the Formula Renault 3.5 race at Imola.
Favourite RSR Admin:
  • t0daY - Because of the huge effort he puts into everything.
  • Kman - It's just always great fun with him.
Favourite Food: Wiener Schnitzel
Favourite Artist: Children Of Bodom & Omnium Gatherum
Favourite Film: Lord of the Rings & The Dark Knight Trilogy

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Watching all kinds of motorsports (2 and 4 wheel), skiing, going to concerts/festivals & doing crazy stuff with my friends.
How many languages do you speak? Austrian (German), English & Spanish
What is your dream holiday destination? Daytona, to watch the Daytona 500 live.
Who is your personal RSR rival? steveg200, this is the rivalry the whole world has been waiting for. :D
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A doctor fish, just for the lolz.

How did you get your username? I have it because of the instrumental song "Wayfaerer" by In Flames. The Wayfaerer is also a name of a character in the comic "The Jester's Curse" and I just thought the name sounds cool.


Active Member
Oct 28, 2016
"stolnikas has been a member of RSR for quite some time now, being our prized, sole member from Lithuania. Always up for a clean, fair battle, he has improved his pace dramatically of late, putting himself in reach of the RSR aliens."

Username: stolnikas
Real Name: Tomas Šeirys
Country of Residence: Lithuania
Date of Birth: 24 February 1987
Occupation: IT Engineer
Daily Drive: 2001 BMW 520i

Favourite Car: Porsche 991
Favourite Track: Nordschleife
Favourite RSR Memory: Definitely the RL event at Nürburgring this year! We had such a great weekend there!
Favourite RSR Admin: Manu! At least he is until I make him angry at some point and he gets swapped with another favorite admin :D
Favourite Food: Basically anything that is made out of potatoes.
Favourite Artist: I don't have one really.
Favourite Film: Breaking Bad series.

Hobbies Outside of Racing: I don't like to have many hobbies because there is not enough time for everything. I used to play Airsoft, then flew RC FPV planes for some time. Now I'm on sim-racing. I really like home DIY projects like building some furniture or something like that.
How many languages do you speak? Lithuanian and English.
What is your dream holiday destination? Hawaii
Who is your personal RSR rival? Everyone, as long as I can trust the guy for some fair battle.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Never thought about it. Maybe a pike? :) Sneak and attack! :D

How did you get your username? A long, long time ago I was playing CS 1.5 a lot. My brother created a clan and named it something like "St0", there all the members had to have their nicknames starting with "Sto". "Stolnikas" is Russian slang and means "100".

Pete Morrish

Active Member
Dec 20, 2016
"Another one of our members who spends his spare time creating award-winning video games, Pete's fun-loving nature has been a great asset to our community since he joined. His passion for the game and the people that play it perfectly embodies RSR."

Username: PJDubyaM
Real Name: Pete Morrish
Country of Residence: UK
Date of Birth: 27 October 1976
Occupation: Director of Production at SMS
Daily Drive: E92 M3

Favourite Car: In pCARS2? BAC Mono.
Favourite Track: Sugo
Favourite RSR Memory: It's certainly not going to be winning any races, because I've not got that far yet!

Probably the best one is just the welcome I got when I first joined the community. I've always been a fan of racing games – I grew up playing Gran Turismo and Forza – but because I'd always been a console gamer, the whole world of proper sim-racing kinda passed me by.

I've been at SMS for a little over four years now, and I care deeply about what we do. Because of the community-based nature of pCARS and pCARS2, there's a real sense of responsibility in getting all this right. To dip a toe into RSR, only to find a bunch of people that are proper fans of what I spend so long working on, was bloody wonderful. Really brings it home that I'm working on something that matters to people. Love it.
Favourite RSR Admin: Wow, loaded question. I couldn't possibly choose. They are all equally wonderful.
Favourite Food: Pretty much anything made of cows.
Favourite Artist: Kate Tempest. Her 'Let Them Eat Chaos' is about as beautiful and scathing a dismemberment of modern British life as you could find. When I listen to it, it either leaves me high, or having a full-on existential crisis...
Favourite Film: Jaws!

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Always been a bit of a petrolhead, so love my cars. Apart from a 0.9l Fiat Panda as my first wheels, I've had some decent ones – Mini Cooper S (one of the first on the road in the UK), Porsche Boxster S, Supra, Lotus Elise 111R, and currently my M3. Weirdly, other than the fact I drove it into a tree, the little Lotus was the most reliable out of all of them.

We SMSers have done a few road trips together. We did the North Coast 500 last year, and south-west Ireland earlier this year.

I'm a bit of a closet audiophile, and music's a bit of 'a thing' for me. I love and support independent record labels – like Ghostly, Lex, Ninja, Tri-Angle, Daptone, etc. The one and only thing I ask for for Christmas every year is Bleep's Top 100 tracks of the year. Love it.
Ooh, and horror movies. I loooooove scary movies. Favourites include The Loved Ones, Martyrs, and You're Next. I like to think this is actually research, and I'm learning how to best motivate my team.
How many languages do you speak? About half.
What is your dream holiday destination? New Orleans
Who is your personal RSR rival? Dave Bramhall! He just doesn't understand that he's supposed to let me win.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? I'd be a wobbegong.

This is going back to when I used to hoover through natural history books when I was much younger, but if memory serves... it's a type of shark – you find them in Australia, and they look a bit like carpets. They're quite chilled, and only have a few recorded attacks on humans. But they're awesome because when you eventually goad them enough to annoy them, they bite SO HARD that the only way to get them off is to swim back to your boat and find something to lever their mouths back open with.

I just love the idea that you have to *try* to get attacked by them, and once you do, you've got a carpet immovably clamped to your arse until you can lever it off with a screwdriver.

How did you get your username? Just my initials, with the 'W' spelled as in 'George Dubya Bush'.


Well-Known Member
May 30, 2017
"One of our most regular race attendees, Ranj's humble nature, undeniable enthusiasm for racing and his drive to always be improving his racecraft makes him a welcome asset to RSR."

Username: Ranjanado
Real Name: Ranjiv
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 4 July 1977
Occupation: Data Analyst
Daily Drive: Citroën C1

Favourite Car: Koenigsegg One:1
Favourite Track: Red Bull Ring GP
Favourite RSR Memory: Winning my first induction race at Silverstone National in a Ginetta GT5. When FlyingKman and Jonno slowed down to let me pass (I was 100% concentrated thinking, man what is going on? I'M SUPER FAST TODAY). Had a nice battle with Shepard throughout the race and managed to hold him off for the win. It was an awesome feeling.
Favourite RSR Admin: All of them for different reasons. One thing they all have in common is the welcoming nature, the patience to take time out to help and train a newbie to get better and build confidence to be the best they can. To be honest I can't choose one. Each one of the admins are awesome and a great bunch.
Favourite Food: Garlic Mushrooms
Favourite Artist: AC/DC
Favourite Film: Top Gun

Hobbies Outside of Racing: 3D graphics and animation, watching a nice action comedy on TV and last but not least, getting on my good lady's nerves - it's quite comical!
How many languages do you speak? 3
What is your dream holiday destination? Anywhere by the beach.
Who is your personal RSR rival? Shepard (we are closely matched and he is a gentleman on track).
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A whale! Nice, big, gentle (most of the time) and a vegetarian.

How did you get your username? When I started up in sim racing I had a lot of crashes (I still have some these days, but a little less!). So I mixed Ranj with Maldonado to become Ranjanado because of his F1 stint and how he was always involved in some sort of race incident. Now it's even more fitting as I have won one induction race thus far to match Maldonado single F1 race win in Spain.

EVR Morvic

Active Member
Oct 31, 2016
"One of our youngest members, Morvic brings an infectious enthusiasm for sim racing to our community at RSR. Always up for some GT and endurance racing, it's great to see him out on track... when he makes it there."

Username: Morvic
Real Name: Mateusz Radosz
Country of Residence: Poland
Date of Birth: 11 February 2003
Occupation: Student
Daily Drive: Shoes?

Favourite Car: Subaru 22B
Favourite Track: Bathurst/Spa
Favourite RSR Memory: It must be the 2h of Bathurst, even though it went bad for me. I loved battling on the mountain. Technical tracks must be the ones I have the biggest balls on... and those balls show theirselves as damage in most cases.
Favourite RSR Admin: I don't point fingers. I will just say all admins are really friendly guys, just to be polite :)
Favourite Food: Carbonara
Favourite Artist: Linkin Park
Favourite Film: Star Wars (all of them)

Hobbies Outside of Racing: I never saw the sun again since I got into racing! Jokes aside, I like programming a bit (really appauling level but I want to get into it), graphics and maths.
How many languages do you speak? 3 - Polish, English, and German. Except that in German I can only introduce myself.
What is your dream holiday destination? Croatia/Japan
Who is your personal RSR rival? I haven't been here long enough to have one.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Nemo :p

How did you get your username? The idea wasn't even mine to be honest. My Dad's username was morvster. When I was like 8 or 9 I had to create an e-mail and get a nickname for myself. Since "morv" is already a part of my Dad's nickname, he just came up with this. I use it till today and I'm not getting rid of it fast :D


Active Member
May 13, 2017
"Our split 2 Revolution Cup - Season 4 champion, Stokemon has certainly made a splash since joining us at RSR. Quickly becoming a well-liked and respected member, he is always a friendly face and a helpful hand to his fellow racers."

Username: Stokemon
Real Name: Andrew Stokoe
Country of Residence: England
Date of Birth: 1 December 1992
Occupation: Teacher of Maths
Daily Drive: Mazda RX8/Subaru Legacy

Favourite Car: Mazda RX7
Favourite Track: Spa
Favourite RSR Memory: When Stitch gave me a 1070GTX for free to help me get into VR! In terms of racing, my first race in RSR, season 2 at Monza where I first met steveg200 and Darksi. Had a great race with Steve, knew this was a great community.
Favourite RSR Admin: Am I allowed to say anyone other than Manu? :p
Favourite Food: Roast Duck
Favourite Artist: Banksy
Favourite Film: The Blues Brothers

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Road cycling and guitar.
How many languages do you speak? 1
What is your dream holiday destination? Japan
Who is your personal RSR rival? steveg200
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? I'd be a bit like Dory. I forget things very quickly but I'm determined to be a helpful person. I can guarantee I've forgotten that last setup change already but I'll have a guess what it was while driving for you.

How did you get your username? From when I was at school and we were discussing Pokemon one day. Can't remember how the conversation went but I took it as an excellent username for websites and the like. There were other names shared on the day, we even discussed what our powers would be.


Active Member
Jan 23, 2018
"fab.ICEMAN has fit seamlessly into our community here sign he joined our ranks. Quickly becoming one of most respected and competitive members, his support for RSR and the members he has brought here through his stream and previous racing groups is greatly appreciated."

Username: fab.ICEMAN
Real Name: Patrick H.
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: N/A
Occupation: Student
Daily Drive: BMW E46 318ci

Favourite Car: BMW E46 :D
Favourite Track: I guess all of them!
Favourite RSR Memory: Definitely the battle between Salmon, Puffy, Manu and I from the BMW ProCar Western Heat Race 2! But also my first win in RSR at Long Beach with the Funhavers :D
Favourite RSR Admin: Manu? Eh, nah. It's Darksi because he was just so friendly and nice to me at my induction :) (okay Manu a little bit too :p).
Favourite Food: Leberkassemmel
Favourite Artist: Falco
Favourite Film: Top Gun, what else?

Hobbies Outside of Racing: I used to play ice hockey for 23 years.
How many languages do you speak? German, English and maybe Russian in future :D
What is your dream holiday destination?
Who is your personal RSR rival?
Puffy, although I have no chance against him!
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Thank God I'm a human and can sit behind a wheel!

How did you get your username? From Iceman from the movie Top Gun! He was so freaking cool he flashed my brain for my entire life.. fab. stands for fabulous, from the rapper Fabolous haha.


Well-Known Member
Sep 1, 2017
"One of our most active members on and off the track, Shepard is passionate about close, fair racing and is always seeking to improve his racing knowledge and ability - all admirable qualities that reflect what RSR is all about."

Username: Shepard
Real Name: Michael Goedert (about to change to Matzen once I get married)
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: 26 March 1980
Occupation: Quality Assurance
Daily Drive: Dacia Sandero II LPG

Favourite Car: Dodge Viper RT10 & '57 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Favourite Track: I absolutely fell in love with Sakitto during the Revolution Cup.
Favourite RSR Memory: That must be the "Stay on the Island" race at Daytona Road. I was quite fresh to RSR and finished 4th after starting from the pits, loosing the car mid-race in T2 and being lucky not to smash into a wall - later on meeting FuBii spinning right into me... I was also on the same set of rain tires for the whole race, as the pit crew went for the bar already. Hilarious race! It was a pity that the race got invalidated because of too many people dropping out due to connection issues.
Favourite RSR Admin: They are all great, but if I had to choose one it would be Darksi.
Favourite Food: Kebabs and Asian food.
Favourite Artist: I am not a music guy. I prefer to listen to audiobooks or audio dramas.
Favourite Film: Wolf of Wallstreet

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Ain't nobody got time for that... no really, after work, family, housekeeping, gardenwork, etc there is not much time left, which I either spend racing with you, playing something else on my PC or enjoying some quality time with my Missus.
How many languages do you speak? Two - German and English.
What is your dream holiday destination? Scotland (to visit all those great whiskey distilleries)
Who is your personal RSR rival? Must be Ranj :) But he is getting quicker than me, because he has more track time.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Randomly chosen from the few fish I can name without consulting a biology book, Carp.

How did you get your username? It's a homage to the Mass Effect Series, which I absolutely loved to play.


Well-Known Member
Oct 2, 2017
"An active and enthusiastic member of our community, drukqs has been befuddling us with the pronunciation of his username ever since he signed up. He is a true fan of sim-racing and always looking for ways to improve our community here at RSR."

Username: drukqs
Real Name: Tiago Loureiro
Country of Residence: I live in the United Kingdom but I am Portuguese.
Date of Birth: 1 January 1985
Occupation: IT Support Consultant
Daily Drive: UK: None/Portugal: Fiat Punto 1.1 Multijet

Favourite Car: Real Life: Alfa Romeo 8C/In-game: Ginetta GT4
Favourite Track: Sakitto, but this is not a real track. If we consider tracks that exist/existed, the original Estoril Layout.
Favourite RSR Memory: First corner pile up in split 2 of the Revolution Cup - Season 4 at Monza, where most of the cars piled up and I got away cleanly for my first win in an official RSR event!
Favourite RSR Admin: All admins have my equal consideration :)
Favourite Food: As raw as possible steak with chips. I am also particularly fond of blue cheese in general, Roquefort cheese in particular.
Favourite Artist: Boards of Canada
Favourite Film: Hmm... when I was younger I used to say American Beauty was my favorite movie.

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Hiking, gaming in general and ambient music.
How many languages do you speak? 2
What is your dream holiday destination? Patagonia perhaps... or the American Desert.
Who is your personal RSR rival? All people are rivals.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? One that does not get captured for food :D

How did you get your username? drukqs is an Aphex Twin album name, an artist I enjoy a lot. I like the word and the connection it has with other more hazy stuff :D


Active Member
Sep 26, 2017
"Diluvian hit the ground running when he joined RSR, quickly establishing himself as one of our top drivers. He has a great respect for all his opponents on track and is constantly striving to go quicker and quicker, both honourable attributes."

Username: Diluvian
Real Name: Raphael Klapczynski
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: 15 September 1988
Occupation: Software Developer/Engineer
Daily Drive: Seat Leon ST FR 2.0 TDI

Favourite Car: No specific
Favourite Track: No specific
Favourite RSR Memory: 12th Oct 2017, Brickyard Sprint Supreme. My first race at RSR if I recall correctly and it was the most intense race I have ever had. I was chasing Puffpirat quite close for almost the whole race but wasn't able to overtake him (engine was overheating and had a lot of damage due to that). I'll never forget this race :D
Favourite RSR Admin: t0daY :) Such a freaky boy :D
Favourite Food: Steak, Burger, ...
Favourite Artist: No specific
Favourite Film: Man on Fire

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Woodworking, music production, gaming & relaxing ;)
How many languages do you speak? 2
What is your dream holiday destination? Currently Japan and the Caribbean.
Who is your personal RSR rival? I'm not sure, my aim was always to be on par with Puffpirat ;)
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? I don't know really :D A dolphin? Good looking, fast and intelligent.

How did you get your username? A long time ago I was playing Age of Mythology and wanted to choose a "massive"/epic name.

Eugene Flerko

Active Member
Sep 8, 2017
"It feels like only yesterday that the two Eugenes from the east joined RSR. Since then, Eugene Flerko has become part of the RSR family and one of our members with the highest event attendance. He has also been a huge help to our staff over his time here, acting as a translator to help newer Russian members."

Username: Eugene Flerko
Real Name: Eugene Flerko
Country of Residence: Belarus
Date of Birth: 26 August 1979
Occupation: Senior 3D Designer
Daily Drive: N/A

Favourite Car: 1967 Corvette Stingray
Favourite Track: Watkins Glen
Favourite RSR Memory: The final online test of pCARS 2 pre-released version.
Favourite RSR Admin: Cluck
Favourite Food: Steak 'n' Beer
Favourite Artist: Freddie Mercury
Favourite Film: Stalker (by A. Tarkovsky)

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Drawing & designing
How many languages do you speak? 3
What is your dream holiday destination? Tahiti
Who is your personal RSR rival? steveg200
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Murena

How did you get your username? N/A


Active Member
Sep 24, 2017
“CrisBCros has established himself as quite the quiet achiever since joining RSR. After making his name as a quick and reliable driver in the Revolution Cup seasons, he now predominantly lends his abilities to our iRacing efforts, acting as an experienced and very fast driver in our stable.”

Username: CrisBCros
Real Name: Chris Bartschat
Country of Residence: Switzerland
Date of Birth : 16th May 1986
Occupation: Project Manager
Daily Drive: 2018 Audi A4 Avant

Favourite Car: Porsche 911
Favourite Track: Spa
Favourite RSR Memory: The IndyCar Spa 600 which featured a 'sprint race + main race' format and boasted a packed grid with some of the fastest drivers RSR has to offer in attendance in January 2018. Here I was able to score a double podium finishing third and second.
Favourite RSR Admin: I believe they all have their right to be part of the admin team ;)
Favourite Food: Self made Thai curry.
Favourite Artist: Christoph Walz
Favourite Film: Der blutige Pfad Gottes

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Racing... :D I love to race go-karts, mostly endurance races like 24 hours of Mallorca and just spending some time with friends and family.
How many languages do you speak? German, English & Swiss-German
What is your dream holiday destination? Cocos Islands
Who is your personal RSR rival? All of you!
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A moray.

How did you get your username? Some people call me CrisCros. I thought the "B" in the middle which comes from my last name can make the name more crisb(y) - got it? ;)

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