PC2 Revolution Cup - S6 - R4: Zhuhai - 18th April 2019 (1 Viewer)

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Sep 14, 2016
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Steward Cases

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s6-round-4-race-1-lap-6-turn-1.2025/
Following a lockup from Jesper Ramsberg, Jomba was forced to slow down to avoid contact. Determined Hangman appeared to be caught out with the speed of the 2 cars ahead. In future, please take extra care and be more vigilant of whats happening around you. We understand Net-code can be the cause of some incidents so some caution is always recommended as is the use of TeamSpeak should you be involved in an incident.
> Penalty: No Further Action

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s6-round-4-race-2-incident-in-the-first-turn.2026/
Jonno made a good start and decided to make an ambitious move to overtake multiple cars into turn 1, this resulted in Jonno losing control and hitting Owfier with both ending up off track. Should you have a good start in the future, please think about the bigger picture and safety of others. Opportunities will always present themselves during the race.
> Penalty: 15s Time Penalty (R4) & 1 License Points for @Jonno

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s6-round-4-race2-accident-at-the-start.2020/
With the cars bunching up ahead of the start, Eugene hit the rear of The Breeze causing major damage to the rear. This is a serious lack of awareness and with this, the stewards are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of incidents Eugene is involved in.
> Penalty: 15s Time Penalty (R4) & 1 License Points for @Eugene Gajkin

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/thr...ound-4-race-2-dive-bombing-into-corners.2022/
Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s6-round-4-race-1-illegal-overtake.2024/
Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s6-round-4-race-1-2-multiple-incidents.2023/
Due to the seriousness of these combined incidents, the Staff have opted for a combined penalty. The RSR Staff were appalled by the aggressive attitude towards each other over TeamSpeak during the course of the event and both Staff and Stewards have been disappointed to see the lack of respect for our Driving Standards during the past few races. In future you must remain calm and should you need to race each other, do so in a safe and respectful manner, failure to do so will result in further penalties. This feud stops now.
> Penalty: Disqualification (R4) & 3 License Points for @CatchAGlimpse
> Penalty: Disqualification (R4), 4 License Points & Drive Through Penalty (R5) to be served in Race 1 @Blue Monkey
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