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Sep 14, 2016
Steward Cases

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s7-r1-zolder-race-2-chicane-cut-followed-by-unfair-contact.2140/
Having reviewed the case the Staff of RSR deem Blue Monkey guilty of causing a collision and failing to wait for Taorminator
> Penalty: @Blue Monkey was on probation for previous incidents and warned that a return to the stewards room would result in serious consequences. The RSR Staff have therefore taken the decision to serve Blue Monkey with an immediate disqualification from Revolution Cup - Season 7 (PC2), Evolution Series - Season 3 (AC) and Blancpain Challenge Season 1 (ACC)

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s7-r1-zolder-race-2-last-and-first-corner-contact.2144/#post-50134
Having reviewed the case, the Stewards find it disappointing to see more contact, Sonic holds his line heading towards the final chicane with @Angel drifting to the right, this ultimately brings the cars too close and causes a collision. again however it appears lag is a factor here. For Turn 1 Kobusnell makes a clean overtake with @Sonic attempting the undercut, this results in Sonic hitting the rear of Kobusnell causing him to crash, Sonic fails to wait for Kobusnell. For the future it is again recommended you ensure your ping is at a safe level and you are mindful of potential high ping when overtaking or defending
> Penalty: Reprimand for @Angel & 20s time penalty with 2 additional licence points for @Sonic for causing a collision and failing to wait

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s7-r1-zolder-race-1-avoidable-contact-and-then-crash.2146/#post-50142
Having reviewed the case the Stewards deem @Spitfire guilty of contact on the exit of the hairpin, this forces the "door" open for an attempted overtake which ultimately ended in disappointment. The 2nd incident is believed to be Net-code related, while both cars could have left more room there is a lag from Spitfire. When overtaking it is recommended you leave enough room to prevent incidents like this.
> Penalty: 10s Time Penalty for @Spitfire for the initial incident

Case: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/revolution-cup-s7-r1-zolder-race-2-incident-at-race-start.2143/#post-50133
The stewards have reviewed this case and believe that once again Project Cars 2 is at fault here. Sonic appears to be stuck to Kobusnell and this is the cause of the incident. While more room could have been given by each car involved, its difficult to blame anyone in such a situation. Additionally @Sonicrolls back onto the track causing contact with 3 additional cars. For the future, Please lock your brakes when spinning, this will make your car more predictable and reduce the chances of further contact. it is also recommended that you think twice about such a move especially with high ping as this can create un-necessary risk
> Penalty: 10s Time Penalty for @Sonic for causing a collision while rolling onto track


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Aug 2, 2016
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