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This thread contains general information about the Revolution Cup - Season 4.

Key Dates
Sign Up opens
2nd February 2018
Sign Up closes: 27th February 2018
League begins: 5th March 2018

Sign Up re-opens:
13th March 2018
Sign Up closes: 25th March 2018

Race Format
Race Day: Mondays
18:30 UTC - Optional Practice - 60 minutes
19:30 UTC - Driver Briefing - 10 minutes (Mandatory)
19:40 UTC - Qualifying - 20 minutes
20:00 UTC - Race - 60 minutes

Detailed Information
Click the links below or scroll down to get to a specific part of the thread:
- General Information
- Race Calendar
- Lobby Settings
- Cars, Teams & Livery Selection
- Points System


Head of RSR
General Information

Tiered Qualification Process
In the event of a larger than expected sign-up to this championship, we may elect to run multiple leagues. These leagues will be tiered, with the aim of separating the faster and slower drivers, based on the results of a specified time-trial.

The date and format of the time-trial will be posted on the forum, in advance of the event taking place. Failure to set a time in the time trial may result in you being placed in the lower tiered league.

Pre-race Procedure & Requirements
Prior to any of our events starting, you are required to be in our TeamSpeak channel for the driver briefing. Any drivers missing the briefing will not be allowed to race.

All drivers are required to read the details of each race event prior to the start of each race. These event details contain important information pertaining to warm-up lap speed limits and the location (and placement) for the grid "forming up".


Head of RSR
Race Calendar

The Revolution Cup - Season 4 will commence on 05/03/2018 and will be held on Mondays with a break every 3rd week. Each track on the calendar has been carefully selected to represent a variety of international settings whilst still being uniquely challenging.

We have also chosen a wide variety of time and weather settings, guaranteed to provide intriguing and demanding race conditions in every round.



Head of RSR
Lobby Settings

Class: GTE
Maximum Grid Size: 26

Start Procedure: Manual Rolling Start
Qualifying: 20 mins
Race Time: 60 mins

Date Type: Custom
Starting Time: Custom

Time Progression: Custom
Weather: Depending on the event
Weather Progression: Sync to Race

Force Interior View: No
Force Manual Gears: No
Force Realistic Driving Aids: Yes
Force Default Setups: No
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: No
Mandatory pit-stop: Yes**

Allow Stability Control: No
Allow Traction Control: Yes
Allow ABS: No

Damage: Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Tyre Wear: Authentic
Fuel Usage: Authentic
Auto Start Engine: Yes

Flags & Penalties: Off
Allowable Time Penalty: 0s
Allow Drive-through Penalty: No

** = We will not use the ingame feature. All drivers must follow a Gentlemen's Agreement of a mandatory pitstop, at any time of your choosing during the race, where you must change all 4 tyres. Taking additional fuel is optional but not mandatory. The mandatory pitstop must be followed by at least one complete lap, during the scheduled race duration.


Head of RSR
Cars, Teams & Livery Selection

Car Selection
The following cars are available for selection:
- Aston Martin Vantage
- Chevrolet Corvette C7.R
- Ford GT LM GTE
- Ferrari 488 GTE
- Porsche 911 RSR

A car change is allowed under the following criteria:
- The driver must have completed at least 2 races with their current car.
- The driver acknowledges the fact that they will lose all of their championship points in both the Driver's and Team's standings and will start again from 0.

Team Selection
For season four, teams will consist of 2 drivers. At the end of the time-trial events, the admin team will use those times, combined with the Stats table and past experience, to not only split the drivers into their appropriate lobby but, also into two groups, which will form the 'ProAm'-style team. Every driver will be allowed to choose their partner, there is no bias in favour of either group. Teams must consist of one Pro and one Am driver. Drivers must also stick to their chosen team for the duration of the season.

Livery Selection
At the close of sign-up, each team will need to choose their preferred livery and post their choice in the 'Livery and Team Selection Thread'. Once the livery allocation process has concluded, teams will be obliged to stick to their chosen livery for the full duration of the season. Both drivers must run the same livery, do not select multiple liveries.


Head of RSR
Points System

Driver Championship Scoring

- Pole Position = 2 point
- Fastest Lap = 2 point

In the case of drivers being tied on points in the standings, the higher position will be awarded to the holder of most first places. If the number of first places is the same, the holder of most second places, then third places, and so on until a winner emerges.

Team Championship scoring
Teams will score points for each race based on the finishing positions of both of their drivers.

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