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Dec 7, 2018
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Welcome @Members, to the May and June 2019 issue of the RSR newsletter!

We have had another fantastic month with donations from our members raising €100.
To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

Social Media Expert wanted!
We're looking for an enthusiastic member (or members) who's skilled in the use of social media, to take the reins of RSR's social media outlets. This role will involve reviving the RSR media presence by regularly posting updates, upcoming race details/results and so on.

If you'd like to be more involved in the operation of RSR and this sounds like the job for you, please speak to any one of our admins.

rFactor2 Organisation Assistant wanted!
We're looking for a keen member to help out with the rFactor2 areas of RSR. Since we added rF2 to our roster things have expanded more than we anticipated so we are now in need of additional hands! Primarily, your role will be to assist our rF2 lead (jamesl91) but we won't say no if you want to be a bit more pro-active than that!

If you'd like to be more involved in the operation of RSR and this sounds like the job for you, please speak to @Jamesl91 or any one of our other admins.

Project CARS 2
Revolution Cup Season 6 Comes to a Conclusion


The Revolution Cup paddock descended on Silverstone for Round 5 of the championship, and were greeted by some light fog on the Northamptonshire circuit. The top 3 of the championship swept the podium, with @Puffpirat taking the win 10 seconds ahead of @ProjectPD, and @CatchAGlimpse a further 8 seconds behind. Puffy and PD finished 1-2 again for race 2, but joined this time by @Blue Monkey on the rostrum. The season finale took place at Portimao, a circuit that lends itself to these prototype racers.

Despite PD sweeping the maximum amount of points on offer for the final round (2 poles, 2 wins, and 2 fastest laps), Puffy did just enough to clinch the championship, winning by just 13 points, with his earlier run of 7 wins on the trot proving too much for PD to overcome. @CatchAGlimpse rounded out his impressive breakthrough season with 2 more podiums, and comfortably secured 3rd in the standings. PD can however still celebrate with his teammate @Determined Hangman, as the Puffy Removal Team swept the teams' championship with 491 points. @CatchAGlimpse and @Born2BSlow would both earn 433 points, to put CatchASlowGlimpse ahead of Meisterjäger maFIA's Puffy and @t0daY in the standings.

Season 7 Gets Underway!

No sooner had @Puffpirat finished his victory donuts from Season 6, Season 7 was unleashed to the community. With both front tyres scrambling for grip, and one rear wheel up in the air, the Renault Clio made a welcome return to regular races on our servers. Coming straight from the LMP3 cars before, our drivers need to quickly relearn everything they know about driving fast, as this little bee-sting of a car demands a new approach in order to do well. Racecraft senses will become heightened as well, as this series promises no holds barred door to door fighting up and down the grid. New for this season, drivers must form up into teams of 3. Also new for this season, race 2 of each round would start with the finishing order for race 1, allowing battles to resume for take 2. Knowing these cars, we should be in for a mightily close season!

The wind turbines of Zolder overlooked the action for Round 1, where @CatchAGlimpse would continue his strong form from Season 6 with a pole position. RSR stalwart @steveg200 made a welcome return to the sharp end of the grid, joining Catch on the front row of the starting grid. Once the dust settled after a frantic first race, @Puffpirat took the win just 3 tenths ahead of Steve, with @Corentin_Bergès impressing in third place for Stickos Madness Motorsport. Puffy again lead Steve home, only a tenth further ahead of race 1. @ProjectPD became reacquainted with the podium and finished third.

Swapping stroopwafels for apple pie, we visited the sun bleached hills of Sonoma Race for round 2. A new face took the first pole position and race win of his RSR career, as @cpcdem edged @UnstopaPaul across the finish line to win by a mere 0.145 seconds. @CatchAGlimpse shadowed the pair to take third. We all had déjà vu in race 2, as perennial championship rivals @ProjectPD and @Puffpirat proved to be the class of the field. PD would take the win with Puffy in his wheel tracks, 9 seconds ahead of @CatchAGlimpse, adding another bronze trophy to his growing collection.

So, as of round 2, it is @Puffpirat leading the drivers' championship with 117 points, with @ProjectPD trailing him by 20 points and teammate @CatchAGlimpse a further 11 points back. To nobody's surprise, with 2 of their 3 drivers just being mentioned, Smokin Aces lead the team championship with 265 points, leaving Chocolate Rebells (198 points) and No Motors (116 points) in their wake. Join us for round 3 at Silverstone on the 11th of July - and don't forget the umbrella!

Assetto Corsa
Evolution Series 2


Since our last update, drivers hustled the Ginetta Gt4 Supercup in our latest season of the Evolution Cup. From the pre-season rounds, it was clear there was a whole lot of close racing to come. It was a strong start for team Ostblock in round one at Okayama, as @JetPistol lead home teammate @miagi to a solid 1-2 in the season opener. @Jeff[NL] was able to cut though the field from his P8 reverse grid start for race 2, and would take the win ahead of @Mazy CZ and @JetPistol. The Ostblock driver would take an early lead in the points standings, thanks to his pole position & fastest laps in both races.

Due to technical issues with the track, round 2 was abandoned and rescheduled to the end of the season. Round 3 brought us to the narrow and surprisingly quick Lime Rock circuit, a track which punished tiny mistakes and rewarded huge commitment. In a pair of equally gritty races, @JetPistol took his 2nd win of the season, with @Alex Salmon claiming his first in race 2. @Puffpirat also finished on both podiums to bolster his title defence. But it was @Alex Salmon who would emerge as a championship contender with a comprehensively dominant performance around the streets of Detroit in Round 4. By claiming pole position, winning both races, and scoring both fastest laps, Alex was able to take home the maximum amount of championship points. The dent put into JetPistol's points lead was further exacerbated by the Ostblock driver failing to reach the podium in both races.

For round 5 we visited VIR, and with a gap of just 0.017 seconds between the 2 front runners, @JetPistol claimed his third pole of the season. The gap at the chequered flag was only just bigger, with Jet leading Alex across the line by just a quarter of a second. @Puffpirat meanwhile, pipped @Mazy CZ to third place by just 1/100 of a second - a gap of a cigarette packet between the 2 as they crossed the line. The reigning champion would have no such hassle for race 2, winning by a comfortable margin ahead of season 1 foe @Exited and championship newcomer @DannyvdMeer. Round 6 took us to the fictional Mills Metropark, where @Alex Salmon took the win from pole, just 3 tenths ahead of rival @JetPistol. A last lap fall from P7 to P9 turned out to be a gift of good fortune for @Battenberg, who was able to convert his front row start for race 2 into a rare win for the Holi Cows driver. @JetPistol was able to survive a ferocious fight behind the leader to claim a vital second place, eeking out his points advantage over @Alex Salmon, who fell back to 9th after a clash with early race leader @Noztra.

Donington Park was selected as the replacement for round 2, and provided the final showdown for the championship. Both drivers earned a win each, but it was @JetPistol who protected his points lead to win the championship with 408 points. Alex's tally would be 24 points adrift, with Mazy taking advantage of rival Puffpirat's absence to secure third place with 324 points. Jet, along with teammate @miagi, would also claim the teams championship, with Ostblock rounding out a strong season with 660 points. Alex, along with teammate @Exited, was bridesmaid once again, with Red Zebra Racing ranking second with 517 points. The Dirty Dutch Duo of @DannyvdMeer and @Jeff[NL] were rewarded for their consistent run throughout the season to earn third, just 6 points behind second.

@JetPistol: "I really enjoyed the season and I'm very proud of what we - as a team - could achieve. Look what I got last week: two great trophies along with detailed instructions for further performance improvements. See how I've already worked through most of the chapters. Let's see if it helps... :cool:"


Pictures in full size: /

Evolution Series 3 Preview

The wait is over. For Season 3 of the Evolution Series, we present the RSS 3! The 2019 F3 car features a naturally aspirated 3.4 litre bespoke Mecachrome 6 cylinder engine, which delivers 380 HP at 8000 rpm. Some down force will keep you stuck to the road, but you still need to hustle it to the edge to get the most out of the car. A mixture of new to RSR and old trusty tracks span our calendar, with 2 slots open for the community to vote their favourites into the schedule. Standing starts; 2 race format; reverse top 10 grid; and massive slipstream will make for an exciting season, so hold onto your Halo and get stuck in!

Check out the Season 3 area for more info.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - New Mini League Inbound!

Fresh in the wake of the hype wave that was the release of Assetto Corsa Competitizione, we couldn't think of better way to kill the time to the next Evolution Series than taking this new title for a spin. Building up to our very own 2.4 hours of Spa, drivers will contest in a mini-league showcasing this impressive new game from Kunos. Master the slipstream on a perfect summer's day at Monza; drive into the dusk underneath the wind farm of Zolder; and survive the treacherous microclimate of the Nurburgring. And then do it all again in a single race, by testing your stamina at one of the most iconic endurance races in the world. Drivers will use the same car for each round, so car choice will be critical: do you go for a straight line missile, a monster in the bends, or a jack of all trades?

Sign ups are proving to be popular, but still make sure to put your name down to cover absences and drop outs. Check out the sign up thread for more information!

The past two months have been quite busy for our iRacers with schedule conflicts meaning the majority of team races have been done through the endurance VRS series.

24 Hours of Nordschleife
First up is the 24 hours of Nordschleife where, we're sad to say, both teams retired before the 12 hour mark. The race began with Team Pink following Team Orange with the latter team involved in an early incident that Pink managed to avoid. With their car suffering from aero damage, engine damage and suspension damage, the car never felt the same and Team Orange chose to retire after about 8 hours.

Team Pink on the other hand were more successful and managed to go into the evening, but a late, slow-speed crash managed to cause significant damage to the suspension. With the repairs completed, Pink found themselves 6 laps down on the cars in front, which was going to prove too large a gap to claw back, so the decision was taken to retire the car.

It's a bit of an anti-climax as everybody put a lot of practice into the event and we, as a team, walked away with nothing to show for it.

Throughout May we participated in several eVRS events at COTA and Monza.

COTA was an exciting race event that saw the brand new pairing of @Battenberg and @ramdrop take our little Z4 around the track. Both drivers showed excellent pace throughout the race and it was great to see that, after almost 90 laps of racing, we were still racing the team that we got involved with in the opening couple of laps. Special thanks to "kevin De Wael" for helping us keep our position.

Monza quickly came along and we ran in two sessions that weekend. The first was in the Z4 in Saturday's morning session and proved to be highly entertaining as nobody wanted to pit for a 'splash and dash', creating a very tense final few laps. Sadly, we lost out on a podium place in the final corner, but came across the line in P5.

Later that evening, @Raigore fancied driving in the Mercedes (a car he had never driven before) and partnered with @ramdrop to take on the challenge. Thanks to some insider information, we knew how many laps the race would be and with that information we could plan the stint length. It was great to see how many positions were picked up on the final few laps as those who didn't have this information were pitting.

There was one eLMS race, which we used as practice for the upcoming 24hr of Le Mans. Opting to fuel-save our way through the first stints, we managed to get ourselves out of sequence with the tyre changes and never looking back as we crossed the line in P1.

24 Hours of Le Mans
For this special event we had 3 teams taking place in the GTE category. Team Yellow (picked by @Raigore as he couldn't drive his beloved Fjord), Team Green and Team Blue.

Team Green was the first to falter, with a crash in the Porsche curves trying to avoid a spun car, resulting in a totalled car with straight line speed problems. Although there were some minor scrapes beforehand, this crash proved too much to race with and the car was retired.

Team Blue were more fortunate and carried through the event with a few spins and crashes, but in the end the car was retired with a similar issue.

Team Yellow was more successful and finished an outstanding second in class after 24 hours. We had a few narrow misses and suffered some straight-line speed damage somewhere but we soldiered on, even opting for QUINT (yes 5!) tyre stints in the night in an attempt to keep with the leaders who were lapping incredibly quickly. In the end we finished a lap down to the P1 GTE, but a great race nevertheless.

6 Hours of the Glen
And finally we round up with @t0daY and @Raigore's trip to the Glen. I think a video speaks a thousand words but after a very promising race, @Raigore unfortunately crashed into the wall with just 10 minutes to go. They both carried on and brought the car home in P8.

rFactor 2
Ending the VEC season on a high

With Virtual Endurance Championship drawing to a close, the teams took to the track for the final time in June with the exciting challenge of the 24Hrs of Le Mans. With the 2 month break between events the teams had plenty of time to prepare. Unusually, qualifying took place the Thursday before the race with a 2-hour session giving each driver plenty of time to show what they could do. Race day arrived, and the nerves began to grow ahead of what was surely to be an exciting race.

The Division 2 LMP2, starting on the back foot following a penalty from the previous round, used a tyre strategy to save the time lost and work their way through the field. After 5 hours the team were fighting for P2 but also fighting some technical gremlins. A highlight of their race was the pitlane entry showing the determination to find the limits, unfortunately they found the limit:

Just for the comparison:

Thankfully this didn’t cost them too much time but certainly kept spirits high. The team continued to focus on chasing down the leaders. After an exciting 24 hours they crossed the line in P2 and with that finishing P6 in a tough season for the team.

Division 4 LMP2 took an early lead and never looked back, pulling a 40-second lead by the 2-hour mark in the capable hands of @Elodyr. After 6 hours the lead had been extended to over 2 minutes, and this gap remained constant until the early hours of the morning. With the night phase closing the team settled in, and although a few cut-track penalties cost them some time, P2 had issues of their own, so the huge gap remained. In the early hours of the morning disaster nearly struck when @Elodyr needed to make a 'personal pit-stop' but @Blue Monkey was not around for the driver swap! However, just in the nick of time, @Blue Monkey arrived and took over the car for the final run to the chequered flag. Showing impressive pace, Blue Monkey increased the gap once more. With a very impressive performance from both drivers (yes, they did the full 24hrs with just 2 drivers!) and following a strong season they finished P2 in the championship.

Division 4 GTE Qualified in P8 and started the race with the aim of finishing in the safest and highest position possible. The team spent the first quarter of the race fighting around P6, although at times it was quite a lonely fight due to the gaps in front and behind. As they entered the early hours of Sunday morning, they found they were up to P3 and running a consistent and mistake free pace. With the early hours, and lack of sleep taking effect, we had a headlight flashing battle down the straights with @Elodyr in the LMP2 and a discussion on BREXIT! Heading down the Mulsanne straight @Jamesl91 suddenly remembered that the car must be low on fuel, and a quick check revealed there were just 2 litres left, with a full lap needing some 6.5 litres! With the clutch pressed hard and the engine mix turned down, he crawled back to the pits and thankfully didn't lose a single position in the process. It did however allow P4, the SimHQ team, to close the gap considerably. The team crossed the finish line in P4, with only a few minor mistakes during the night and just a single cut-track each. With the P4 finish, the team secured P4 in the championship.

Following this exciting and intense VEC season we look ahead to the new season and some new teams joining our ever growing Rfactor2 branch.

P1LMS Catch Up
The last two months haven’t been an easy ride for all teams. With the teams heading to Palm Springs in May, they struggled with finding the right rhythm for this circuit with its tricky off camber corners and sections of banking meaning the setup was tricky to get right. The 'Me, Myself and I Alone' team were the highest finishers, crossing the line in P4 with the other LMP2s further down and having various issues.

June saw the teams head to the sunny Estoril circuit, a tight and twisty circuit requiring a pointy front end while having enough straight-line speed to defend down the long start/finish straight. This was another tough race for the teams, with the highest place finisher running in P9. Some early damage for one of the LMP2 teams saw them on the backfoot but they kept focused until the end. The GTE teams showed strong pace but with such a narrow track for multiclass racing they were unable to make up the places deserved.

Video of the Month - Stickos Motorsport
Presenting Stickos Motorsport (@Corentin_Bergès, @Taorminator, and their intern @Pierre CREUSEVAULT):

We have a good crop of drivers moving up the ranks! Congratulations to all promoted drivers:

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Wow - so much stuff happening in RSR right now! I can't tell whether Manu or Stickos have the best video.... I think Manu is looking for the end of year highlight reel :D

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