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Dec 7, 2018
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Welcome Members, to the September 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

We have had another fantastic month with donations from our members raising €110. Special thanks, again, to Zemke for his very generous donation of €50.
To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

Project CARS 2 - Revolution Cup Final
The championship battles came to a head this month, with the final 2 rounds taking place at Indianapolis and Dubai. In split 1, a double win at Indianapolis put season 2 & 4 bridesmaid ProjectPD a nose ahead of Puffpirat in the points standings heading into the final round. The tension was palpable on the grid for race 1 of the final race. It was short lived however, as a disastrous first corner in race 1 put Puffpirat into a low earth orbit, and presumably out of the championship as ProjectPD went on to dominate the race.

However, in a display of outstanding respect for his competitor, the championship leader retired on the final lap, not wanting to win his first Revolution Cup to come as a result of the brutally bad misfortune of his rival. And so, the championship went down to the wire in the final race of the season. Puffpirat drove the perfect race to win, but it was ProjectPD who crossed the line behind him to win the championship with a 6 point gap.

Finally, after coming runner up at his previous 2 attempts, ProjectPD was crowned champion of the Revolution Cup - on his own terms! Puffpirat could still celebrate winning the team's championship though, as his teammate Elodyr capped off his impressive season by finishing third in the standings, establishing team Bad Boy Racers' dominance in the teams' championship.

In Split 2, a dip in his previous form was ultimately no cause for concern for Jamesl91. Despite only finishing on the podium once in the final 4 races, he took the championship win with a 29 point gap to Nada, 71 points ahead of third placed xImJakeyy, and 77 ahead of benimi in 4th. Each of these drivers had their own reason to celebrate in September though. At Indianapolis xImJakeyy and benimi scored their first wins at RSR; whereas Nada's run of 3 podiums in the final 3 rounds guaranteed him and KYMA Racing teammate eagle the team's championship. Congratulations to these split 2 drivers!

So, that's a wrap for Season 5! If you have any feedback, please visit this thread.

Hotlap Championship - Round 1
With September done and dusted, Round 1 of our new time-trial competition ended. 28 members took part, driving the Caterham SP/300.R through the undulating hills of Donington Park. With the results compiled, SBart_uk came out as the overall winner, with a stunning time of 1m01.239. Hot on his wheels was Hujkis, with a time of 1m01.459. Our chicken moderator Cluck completed the podium with a default setup time of 1m01.701s.

Congratulations to SBart_uk as we move onto Round 2, driving the Ford Mustang '66 2+2 along the Pacific shores of California Highway. Good luck to everybody taking part!

iRacing - Final Preparations
September was another quiet month for the iRacing group, except for the good race from Nismo and GoDATP at the VLN Nordschleife race.

We are all looking forward for the last special event this year at Petite Le Mans. We will start the 10 hour race with 2 cars this time and all seven drivers are very hyped to race the Porsche RSR over this great track

rFactor 2 - Super Saturday
The end of September saw 9 different teams making final adjustments to setups and strategies ahead of P1-Gamings 12Hrs of Sebring and Round 1 of the Virtual Le Mans Series (VLMS).

12 Hours of Sebring
Sebring played Host to 6 RSR cars in 2 different classes. Our LMP2 entries showed incredible pace and determination following a few setbacks during the race. Car #124 qualified an impressive P3 but went even better during the race and Secured RSR's first win, both t0daY and Puffpirat showed the pace and skills they are known for and deserved the success. Car #88 (Me Myself and I alone) saw the most committed driver Elodyr drive 95% of the 12 hour race to bring the car home in 2nd place.

In the GTE class Car #115 taking 2 endurance racing rookies showed strong pace and commitment following on from a first lap Incident to bring the car home in a strong position.
Car #116 had some disconnect issues causing some set backs throughout the race, even with these disconnects the team continued fighting until the end with a final charge to make up ground on the cars ahead.
Car #95 saw avxstudio make his Endurance racing Debut saw a strong qualifying and impressive consistency during the race, JetPistol drove the final 4 hours with AvxStudio was busy catching some sleep.
The last of the GTE cars, Car #125, had strong pace in practice but failed to transfer those times to the race due to technical issues. This didn't dampen their sprints, with them fighting throughout the race only to have a disconnect on the last lap and end the race in the pit lane.

Special thanks go to avxstudio for designing the RSR liveries for this round.

The 12h of Sebring was the first P1 race that I ran in the fastest class under the team "Me Myself and I alone" so I was nervous going into the race, not sure if I'd be able to perform and lap in a safely manner towards the end of the race. I also had problems with the stability of the car during practice which I could finally sort out a day before the race thanks to some slight tweaks to the setup t0daY and Puffpirat were running.

On raceday my goal was to finish first and foremost, but with eyes on the competition I knew a podium spot could be possible. I managed to put the car on P2 during the qualifying which was a welcome surprise. At the start of the race Manu had a better run into T1 and I didn't fight him for the position as to not risk both our races. After that we stuck with each other for most part of the start and eventually swapped positions to see if we could help each other in that way. After a surprising DNF of the current P1 we moved up to a double lead which we held for quite a while.

Unfortunately this is the point where a series of stupid mistakes cost me quite some time which put me back into P4. I managed to fight back into P3, but P1 and P2 were quite a bit off. I went on with doing my laps getting Manu into the car for a stint about 4 hours to the end. He did a great job getting good laps in. 2 hours to the end we realised that P2 wouldn't be able to finish with 2 stops and I saw a chance to maybe step up there. I started going all out with my laps and sometimes I lapped GT's in quite an aggressive manner which I'm not proud of looking back at it. I was honestly quite lucky nothing happened in this time. Going into the last hour I had a 1 minute lead to P2 after they decided to take fresh tires in an attempt to get the lost time back from the additional pitstop, but I was able to keep them behind me until the end of the race.

I'm really happy we were able to close out the 2 top spots and want to thanks and congratulate Puffpirat and t0daY for their win and company during the race. Also thanks for the stint and the help with fuel calculations :p

I also want to thank the whole Team Insurgency and Blue Monkey that helped me out during part of the race. The spotting they were able to give me was needed and I'm glad they were able to help me :)

I'm really looking forward to next year when these cars will be used once again, but for now my focus will be on the upcoming N24 this November :)
Team with two endurance rookies (Cornworld Col_McCoy) and one race old "veteran" (me) and lot of excitement. And it showed when we were upside down even before the start line, after limping back to pits we started race 2 laps down on p36 and started to chase down the field. Our fight with blue flags and twitchy setup on low fuel led to many mistakes and that was costly not only in time but also in spare parts. After first driver rotation @6h mark our progress was almost entirely from cars retiring and only one running car behind us in p31. I jumped in first for second rotation and got my stint target ahead when our sister car #116 had problems and was now only minute ahead. Double stinting tires and getting first clean stints meant i handed car over to Cornworld 5 seconds ahead of #116 in p26. After getting good morale boost for doing first clean stint and Col_McCoy returning to teamspeak we kept the gap to #116 and set our sights to the car ahead who were just on the same lap with us.Cornworld had a good stint and most importantly without mistakes closing gap ahead and it was now only 30s and we were now p23. Col_McCoy jumped in for the last 2.2 hours and we set our sights to keep it clean and get those guys ahead. 20 laps into a stint the gap was now only 10 seconds when they pulled into unscheduled pitstop for damage repairs and they dropped a lap down on us. That point we knew we had 2 laps ahead and 1 lap behind and only damage could cost us our place and after quiet last hour Col_McCoy brought us over finish line for fantastic recovery to p22 and p14 in class!

In the end result was good and race was learning experience for us. After pushing for first half and trying to recover from our start and doing mistakes while doing so, but still managing to keep morale high and regroup ourselves for second half and get great recovery drive and a good finishing position, that is just a great show of character and a little taste of endurance racing at its best in overcoming the difficulties. Thanks to Col_McCoy and Cornworld hope to see you guys in the next event!
My first rFactor Endurance Event and together with t0daY, it is a track we have some history on, albeit in iRacing. We were quite well prepared but expected some stiff competition, which came in the form of our own Elodyr and the #44 Team Grasso car in qualifying. Manu put the car on P3 which was a good position to start the race in.

Manu made a great effort picking up P2 from Michael on the opening lap and sticking with Lorenzo Arizi, who was putting in some impressive lap times. Halfway through the first stint the #44 slowly crept away while Michael could hang with us. We were working great together, one time switching places to see if one of us could go faster or save a bit of fuel.

For the third stint we split strategies, Michael choosing a fresh set of rubber while Manu continued to triple stint the softs. Moments after we exited the pits our main competitor of the first hours was out of the race - after the #44 made a driver swap, their second driver put it into the wall on his first lap, a horror scenario we all have in the back of our head. With a bit less pressure we soldiered on, deciding to stick with double-stinting the tires, a safer, albeit slower, strategy.

Then it was time for me to hop into the car. With Manu doing, or planning, double duties, I was looking at 6 stints ahead of me. I got the car in a healthy lead and could remain that over my first double stint. Triple stinting wasn't an option for me anyway as my tire wear was worse than Manus, which means I have some work to do. My third stint was really scruffy, multiple times I had to avoid incidents that could have been race ending. It was a strange hour with what felt like mayor incidents of other cars every lap, which made it very hard to get a rhythm. Michael and me were running a give or take 30s gap all the time with both of us running into some trouble.

An absolutely reckless rejoin of a GTE car in T10, the slow right hander after the hairpin, left me with nowhere to go and I t-boned him. This cost me 10s and I got damage, but I ran a bit with it as it wasn't hampering performance too much. I lost another 20s to repair the aero which brought the #7 TeamRGPL car into play.

Into the fourth stint I could start to feel my buttocks as my new seat has a really thin padding. Not really looking forward to another 2.5 stints a wild Manu appeared. What was sad for the VLMS team, was a relief for me, as I was far from comfortable with extreme FPS issues kicking in when the sun set.

With the #7 car being off cycle to us, Manu took over and came out just behind them. With fresh rubber he managed to power past after a few laps and from there on a crazy gap battle evolved. Our gap switched between virtually nothing and 1.5 minutes, depending on stops and tire strategy. They put in their fastest driver to put some pressure on us but Manu did an amazing job hammering in impressive lap times and keeping the gap up.

With a few tweaks to my seat and some dialed down graphics settings I took the car over after two great double stints from Manu. FPS still weren't brilliant but it was drivable. I finally settled into the race and could keep the gap up to the #7 car and Michael. David in the #7 put in some blistering laps and was ultimately quicker, but a few mistakes cost him dearly.

With my two doubles stints done I was really happy how they went, and I could give the car to Manu in the lead and without a scratch! From there on I only watched Manus and Michaels pit strategy and that of #7. With only 1.5h left on the clock we were sure #7 would need a splash and dash at the end, which meant he needed the same number of stops as us and the gap was more like 1.5mins not 10s. That was quite a relief as Manu wouldn't need to do a crazy 3.7 stints on one set of softs to keep the gap up, but could easily get new tires for the final hour. And while this meant #7 wasn't a threat for us anymore, it also meant Michael was now a threat for them. With a great triple stint to the end he could jump them during their last stop!

Manu did an amazing job bringing the car home safely! Thanks to everyone involved, supporting us, the spotters, the other cars! What a way to kick-off this journey with a win!
After showing strong pace in practice sessions before the event we had high hopes going into the race. But all that hopes got already a bit of a crack when Alex Salmon had issues in the Qualy which led us to start midpack. First hours of the race went good, Alex Salmon and I were able to move ourselves up the ladder by staying out of problems most of the time during our triple stints. Then after the halfway mark of the race Dutchtastic took over for his double stint, showing incredible pace at this stage of the race, being one of the fastest GTE cars out there at this particular time. This effort moved our car into a battle against Team AVXRacing with RSR members avxstudio and JetPistol behind the wheel. After that i took over again the car and did my final doublestint of the race. First stint went great, was able to click consistent laps and kept the chance alive to catch Team AVXRacing in the end. But unfortunately I dropped quite heavily in my second stint with increasing tiredness came the mistake and then unfortunately a brush on the wall in Sunset Bend when i tried to make my way into the pits to hand the car over to Alex Salmon for the final 1,5 hours. A 145 second pit stop later Alex went out and gave everything racing the car in Qualy mode for nearly all his laps and made a stellar job trying to get as much time as possible, but unfortunately bad luck struck again with a game crash with 3 minutes to go which lost us 2 laps and P8 in class. Overall a little bit disappointing in the end with the result but we still had a lots of fun in the race and especially in the preparation working together with all the other RSR/RSR supported teams. If Team Insurgency Motorsports will return is still to be decided but our driver combo of Alex Salmon Dutchtastic and myself will definitely be back to get our chance for revenge, and maybe this time again in a full blown RSR entry.

4 Hours of Istanbul - VLMS
With 3 teams entered, we also saw a number of drivers racing in both this and the Sebring event. Blue Monkey took the LMP2 on track and although struggling with some issues at the start, both Blue Monkey and Alex Salmon showed strong pace for the season ahead. Battenberg took the Porsche 911 GTE, qualifying in the middle of the field. Despite struggling with FPS issues at the start, he showed strong pace, handing over to Stokemon who hopped in direct from a 3-hour stint at Sebring. With strong, consistent, pace right up to the end of the race, Stokemon had by then completed a straight 5 hours of driving, which is highly impressive, all the more so for doing so whilst suffering with a cold!
Finally steveg200 drove the Porsche 911 GTE, struggling for pace early on and suffering a disconnect, which ultimately ended the day with a damaged car.

As with the race at Sebring the VLMS race in the RSR #88 LMP2 didn't go according to plan. Blue Monkey started the car and a good qualifying put him p8 0.896 off the pole lap. But after the start on the run down to T1 some over excited braking form the car behind left him with rear suspension damage. Following this getting caught up in a pile up of GTE cars along with other minor lapping incidents meant that the car had a 2 minute repair time and sat us at the back of the pack. However Jan pushed on and tried closed the gap while saving fuel for my stint and setting us up for a mad rush at the end!

In the 2 hours break I had between my triple stint in the GTE at Sebring and the second half of the VLMS I managed to bodge a fix for my pedals so i was good to go. Jan threw me into the car a little early as we were out of sequence and after 2 or 3 adjustment laps I went for it. I came out the pits behind p11 and pushed on the fresh rubber to pass and then by driving quali laps we got into a situation were we could challenge the guys who were ahead after the pit stops by double stinting the tyres we gained time and then passed p10 in the beginning of the second stint with 8th being taken at the end of that stint. For the last hour I made a silly mistake loosing the rear and sliding wide and it gave us a 10 second stop-go, although thanks to Jans quick thinking we took an early splash and dash with our penalty and managed to Jump both P9 and P8 with P8 being past on pit exit from his final stop. Then just to top it off P7 had a penalty on the last lap pushing us up to 7th!

Massive thanks to the #88 team for allowing me to cover for Elodyr and huge thanks to Blue Monkey for keeping the car alive at the start even after the big shunts and for his quick thinking with the strategy.
Qualifying didn't go as expected with the lap times only being good enough for the lower end of the grid, We looked to the race for improvements, this however combined with FPS issues and a disconnect resulted in a damaged car and DNF, not the way we wanted Round 1 to go but we look ahead to the Next race where we will definitively be back to normal
I'm over the moon to take P5 with Stokemon in our first VLMS race together. The field was super close, with 14 cars covered by 0.5 seconds in qualifying and ferocious battles all the way through the GT pack. After a clean start from P14 in class, we were soon fighting for P8 in a close 3 way fight. We faced some technical drama, with t0daY's game refusing to load the server correctly in time for his stint, ruling him out of the race due to commitments at Sebring. Thankfully Stokemon was able to come on earlier than anticipated and put in an incredible double stint on short notice. With consistent pace and a trouble free run, we were able to pick up places from others' mistakes and misfortunes in the final hour to bring home our best VLMS result yet. Andy's performance was outstanding, especially since he had just driven a triple stint in the Sebring race and was already feeling ill - a big pat on the back for his herculean effort.

The VLMS and upcoming Virtual Endurance Championship (VEC) saw GioVtec busy designing liveries for each of the cars with all teams running the same liveries for both championships which we are truly grateful for his hard work and commitment and are proud to release the liveries.

Member of the Month - Eugene Flerko
"It feels like only yesterday that the two Eugenes from the east joined RSR. Since then, Eugene Flerko has become part of the RSR family and one of our members with the highest event attendance. He has also been a huge help to our staff over his time here, acting as a translator to help newer Russian members."
Username: Eugene Flerko
Real Name: Eugene Flerko
Country of Residence: Belarus
Date of Birth: 26 August 1979
Occupation: Senior 3D Designer
Daily Drive: N/A

Read more here!

Video of the Month - One Glorious Summer
Not only the Season 5 winner, but a dab-hand at video editing. ProjectPD has put together a wonderful highlights reel of Season 5, which is sure to remind all of us of the great season we just had. Thanks PD and congratulations again!

We have a good crop of drivers moving up the ranks! Congratulations to all promoted drivers:

Probation Members

Full Members

RSR Tip: Head over to our Wishlist Thread if you want to
submit an idea for a race for RSR to run in the future

WoOoOoOoOOOooo, Halloween time!


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Jul 25, 2018
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@ProjectPD What is the name of the song you used in the vid? I LOVE IT!

Determined Hangman

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Apr 22, 2018
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@ProjectPD and @benimi You two were the best teammates I could've had for my first season. Congratulations to both Benimi and PD for a well driven Season. Till next time I see you on track mates!


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Feb 4, 2017
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Luckily we are in a Chat, sonobody is able to see the red face I get by all the tribute you give to me.

Im very happy for every single guy who driving this Season. I couldn´t win this Season without compeditors.

@Owfier: The Song is "Snake Eyes - Feint"


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Jul 25, 2018
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Thx @ProjectPD!
Btw I also love the video ofc!


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Jul 8, 2018
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hey guys im finally back in business with my wheel! look forward to getting back on the track with everyone :)

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