Very interesting seat haptic feedback from Realteus (1 Viewer)


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Sep 16, 2016
Agreed looks interesting!

Once I saw Gamermuscle review this I went for it:

Really adds another level of immersion - it uses game data so its nicely in sync with what you do with the wheel.... the drivers have been updated regularly since the reviews and imo are much more relevant to what I feel in the wheel / see on track now.

It wont tell you about traction loss or anything but when I feel a bump through my butt I also see it on sceen... gear changes are the best but rumble strips, accel, brake, cornering all have a really good feel.

Best part is no DIY, figuring out additional hardware, mounting etc.. plug and play and a lot cheaper than going full out mounted transducers.

It might be a little ghetto compared to that but its effective and most importantly does not disturb the other half when she is downstairs or sleeping etc..

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