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Sep 2, 2017
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With my thousandth message, I can finally say that I have reached my ultimate goal.

This is not a race recap. This is more of a look back at how it all began, how I reached it and a look out what comes next.

It all started in 2016 witch Project Cars and a streamer called Tony R. I really enjoyed what I saw and even at the advanced age of 45, I said to myself, I can do that too. So I started my online racing career at community called AOR and in September 2017 I switched to RSR.
After a short time and after some words with Vernux, I made the decision that it's time for some endurance races and to attack my first goal, to do a 24 hour race. I had the luck that I could drive in an absolute brilliant team, which really helps if you are doing it for the first time. We finished the race in P3.
And I was hooked, that's for sure. There is no reason to deny it, it's my ultimate drug to reach the finish flag and put the car and team on the podium.

I don't want to do a recap for all fifteen 24 hours races that i have done over the years. All of the teams and the teammates were special. We had some really good results. Sometimes we saw the finish flag and the podium, sometimes we just crashed and toasted the car. All in all a wonderful time.

But there was this little flaw, this little itch that you can't reach to scratch it. And that was to win such a damn race.

With the beginning of 2021 and the 14th try, the Daytona race was at the horizon and again I was a member of a really good team. 2 hours before race end and with a good gap sitting in P1, we switched to the final driver. He sadly had a technical problem and the car ended up in the wall. We were in P3 at the end, again a good result in a good split, but.....

I reached the conclusion that it's not meant to be, that I'll never reach this goal. So fuck all that. I turned 50, I skipped Bathurst and I didn't want to do the Sebring race. But Selly had no teammate and well, it's Sebring. I can't say no to a race in my living room. For the second time, I was driving in a winning team at Sebring. That was really good for my racing soul, but it's not a 24 hour race. (Sorry Kalle, don't get me wrong, it was an outstanding race)

And that's where the story ends. Joe searched for a fourth driver for the Nordschleife race, because Mark was not available. I wasn't really sure, because of the reasons above. But I asked him if I can join and he said yes. And with Jeff, Dom and Joe, all of them outstanding safe and fast racers, we did it. We won the hardest race without a single scratch at the car.

It means a lot to me that I won this special race, because it's the Nordschleife, the best track in the world and the one I hate most.

But all of this, the experience that I made, the practice sessions with his countless laps, the 3h, 6h, 10h, 12h and 24h races, the crashes, the wins and fails, wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you! So I dedicate this race to this fucking awesome community, to the staff who are all putting so much time into this and to the friends I found around this place!
I could now list everyone I would like to thank specifically, but I think you know that without me mentioning them all now.

But what now? I could say, screw all this, I'm done. Fuck that.
Hmmmm, But there are 3 other races from the big 4 that you haven't won yet. Am i finishing my career or am i trying the next big thing? :cool:
You know the answer!


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Feb 8, 2017
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Great words Grobi, and keep on racing and keep on winning


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Aug 2, 2016
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We got still an open bill at Road Atlanta, right? ;)

Very nice words and what should I say. Without people like you everything here at RSR would be pointless. I thank you for being around here, with all the ups and downs we had. Deserved victory and an astonishing performance over a course of 24 hours at the most difficult track of the racing world.

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