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Project CARS 2 RSR / PRD Sprint Series - R2: Donington (1 Viewer)

RSR / PRD Sprint Series - R2: Donington
Posted by t0daY
Project CARS 2
Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 19:00
Until: Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 22:59
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Mar 4, 2017
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I had some great fun last night! Donington National is probably my favourite "modern" track in the game so was very happy to see it on the calendar. Qual was tough, but good fun. The extra pressure to not screw up too badly, or cut at all at the risk of being DQ'd was pretty awesome. I made several mistakes on my lap that I was sure would see me in 3rd or 4th and was very surprised when I saw a 9.1 pop up. I thought it was going to be somewhere closer to a 10.

Then the race started and my FPS was so bad I couldn't see and thought I was going to be sick after 2 laps. Luckily around then it started to clear up and somehow I was still in P1. I managed to pull a bit of a gap but then a slide that was a bit too big let @fab. ICEMAN catch up andd he got past. We then had another awesome battle for the rest of the race. But I couldn't seem to find a decent way past. I think we finished 0.051 apart after he got a bit unlucky with back markers the last time out of the chicane.

Race 2 was the start of the silly mistakes. Firstly forgetting to hit ready after exiting my setup screen and just sitting there like a fool :D . Luckily I could start from the pits and was allowed to retake my position (Thanks Manu!).
I've got to say I love that storm weather! Much more realistic than light rain or rain where if you slide once for a millionth of a second your tyres are suddenly hotter than the surface of the sun.
But yeah Donington in the wet with a car you could slide without worrying about tyre temp was just perfect for me and I seemed to have so much more grip than everyone else did. I think I was rolling round off throttle for most of that first lap. Then I think I'd made it upto P1 after a lap and a half. With my favourite overtake of the night being the Triple Pass on @t0daY , @miagi & @fab. ICEMAN going into Redgate(T1). I could then comfortably continue to build the gap to iceman and try not to make any costly mistakes(which I came very close to doing on a few occasions).

For race 3 I was looking forward to running Hards of the left hand side as it was way to hot for Softs for me after running them right on the limit for race 1. Just as they started to get up to temperature someone had a half spin in the Old Hairpin and there was no way I could avoid them and ended up with 21 front damage,3 suspension and a ton of extra drag. Had a fun battle with Wrxbuddy as I was trying to make some places back. I ended up in 6th coming out of what I thought was the last corner and had a very silly spun letting @GeoSnipes though. At that point I thought the race was over pulled to the side and stopped. After the whole field went past and all took T1 properly I became slightly suspicious that I might have...possibly really screwed up. Oh well luckily as I missed the first event I'm not really in contention for the championship so could laugh it off. And will make a new rule... "Never stop straight away even if you're damaged and a bit fed with a slow car" :D:D:D

Heres my Onboard:
Qual Lap
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
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