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Scotch on the Rocks
Posted by t0daY
Project CARS 2
Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 19:30
Until: Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 23:59
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Eugene Flerko

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Sep 8, 2017
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In short: I'm happy I managed to survive :)


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Apr 13, 2018
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Sadly I came across a backmarker sitting middle of the lane going up the hill under the viaduct. I chose the wrong side eventually to pass (I should just not have), and fell foul of the bump at the top which threw me left into the wall. 7 aero damage and a massive loss of top speed.From there @Jussi_SMS was catching me slowly, but my good laps were still holding the gap steady, or at least the gap was falling only slowly. Then under pressure only existing in my head I made another minor mistake, bumping a wall to bring it to 11 damage. Apparently 11 damage is 2 seconds a lap... After that came the inevitable pass from @Jussi_SMS on the straight, and though I nearly bluffed him that I was still in it, forcing some minor mistakes, my car was never going to win on the home straight, even if I came out of the corner first. Frustrating result because realistically I should have had podium. Still, the more reliable driver beats the fast one so good job @Jussi_SMS . Much more for me to do.
Cheers man, it was fun racing against you at the start and towards the end. And while I'd never take (too much) enjoyment in the misfortune of others, I do have to admit that what happened was pretty much exactly my gameplan. I knew I hadn't spent enough time practicing to really get everything out of the car and the track, nor had I tested how extreme I could go with the radiator (and for whatever reason on race day I was actually slower than I was in my practice), and that people were going to be quicker than me, so I decided that, based on the nature of the car and the track, I'm going to focus on getting to the goal without binning myself once. I didn't QUITE make it, got up to 3% damage on the nose, but that combined with a pretty consistent pace turned out to be enough to get me higher than I would have gotten on pace alone. I guess the "to finish first, first you must finish" mantra applies to third place as well. =)

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