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Dec 7, 2018
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Welcome @Members, to the Christmas 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

We have had another fantastic month with donations from our members raising €145.00 for November and December (at the time of posting)
To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

Project CARS 2 - PRD/RSR Sprint Series
Since our last newsletter, we have not only started but reached the half way point of our latest Project Cars 2 championship, in partnership with fellow community PRD. Drivers face a grand total of 18 sprint races across 6 different venues, with one lap qualifying & reverse top 10 grid starts to add some more spice. The whole GT4 class is open for teams to select, adding even more excitement as different cars' strengths and weaknesses play out over the season.

Round 1 took place at the Red Bull Ring, with race 1 resulting in a clean sweep of the podium by RSR's speedy Puffpirat, fab. ICEMAN and ProjectPD - somewhat foreshadowing the championship standings as of present. The reverse top 10 grid for race 2 allowed PRD's Fiskerton to get into the podium mix by finishing 2nd to ProjectPD, with Puffpirat finishing 3rd. After race 3 Noonotreally joined the PRD podium finishes club by joining fab. ICEMAN (1st) and Puffpirat (3rd).

Donington Park was the venue for Round 2. A mixed weather forecast would prove to be tricky for most drivers, but for the second race in a row it was fab. ICEMAN who took the win, an eye watering 0.051 seconds ahead of sort-of local boy SBart_uk. Puffpirat completed the 3x combo of finishing 3rd in 3 consecutive races. SBart_uk took his revenge on fab. ICEMAN by finishing a comfy 12 seconds ahead of his rival in race 2, with Fiskerton taking his second podium of the season. ProjectPD rediscovered his winning ways in race 3, accompanied by t0daY and Josh.

We headed for Japan for Round 3, for a trio of intense races at Sakitto. It was a very good night to be a German RSR member, as the podium for all 3 races were occupied by only 4 different drivers. Race 1 went to fab. ICEMAN, followed by Puffpirat and teammate t0daY. Puffpirat narrowly beat ProjectPD to win race 3, with fab. ICEMAN scoring valuable points in third. The Nonchalant Revolution pairing of fab. ICEMAN and t0daY took a strong 1-2 finish in race 3, with Puffpirat adding yet another 3rd place trophy to his collection.

So at the half way point of the season, it is fab. ICEMAN leading the drivers' championship on 304 points, followed closely by Puffpirat and ProjectPD. The final 1-2 finish helped push Nonchalant Revolution a whopping 149 points ahead of Radical Reserves Racing in the teams' championship, with the Puff Puff Pass team sitting third. The second half of the season will resume after the Christmas break, with all remaining rounds taking place in North America. See you then!

Project CARS 2 - Hotlap Championship - Round 3
For November, we upped the pace from the previous rounds and hit the legendary Imola circuit in the Audi R8 LMP900. On the face of it, a docile car but one with a sting in the tail when you're really "on it". An increased participation, including some of our fastest race drivers, saw Cluck set the opening pace with a sub. 1m30 lap. But this lap was soon to be well and truly beaten by another Puffpirat masterclass, clocking in an astonishing lap of 1m28.879s using a custom setup. It proved to be the only sub. 1m29s lap by the time the competition closed. Taking 2nd and 3rd in the Custom Setup division were UnstopaPaul and Nada with their respective times of 1m29.240 and 1m29.353. In the Default Setup division, fab. ICEMAN made a late entry and took the honours with a brilliant 1m29.665s lap, leaving Cluck and Hujkis taking the other two podium spots with their times of 1m29.780s and 1m31.159s respectively.

Congratulations to Puffpirat and thank you to everybody who took part.

We are currently well into the December round, where fab. ICEMAN is currently in the #1 spot. This round is seeing our members compete for top honours in the RenaultSport R.S. 01 around the fabulous street circuit of Long Beach! Don't forget, the round closes at midnight on the 31st of December, so don't delay, get your laps done today!

Assetto Corsa - Preparation for Evolution Series continues
With the announcement in the October newsletter that we were bringing Assetto Corsa into our stable of Racing sims at RSR, momentum has been growing with testing and livery creation with the upcoming league around the corner, so keep an eye on this series as it's going to produce some close racing. In our opinion, one of the best liveries created so far is from Nothern Folk, but there are still some liveries waiting to be revealed.

Also in November, we hosted a Race of Champions night which proved very enjoyable, with our very own staff member Battenberg bringing home the overall win.

iRacing - PCDC 6 Hours of Brands Hatch Recap
After much anticipation, RSR finally got to tackle the PCDC & TeamBRIT 6h Brands Hatch GP on the 1st of December! With fours cars entered, after receiving an early invite by the event organisers, the name of the game was to simply have fun while supporting a great cause. For those unfamiliar with this event, this race was organised by PCDC to help promote TeamBRIT and all the excellent work they do supporting and enabling people with disabilities to drive race cars.

Qualifying saw our four cars spread all across the massive sixty car field with @ramdrop taking the honour of being our top placed car in P12, followed by @SillySausage in P24, @t0daY in P27 and @Anto in P50.

With the unique combination of GTE endurance racing and the relatively short circuit of Brands Hatch GP, it was a bit of an unknown as to what to expect for our drivers heading into this race but with a sixty car grid, one thing we knew for certain was that this was going to be one crazy race of survival.

By some miracle(!) the race started quite cleanly, all things considered. @ramdrop was able to make some early progress as our top running car, even managing to rise into the top 10, while @t0daY also showed some quick pace and swapped positions with @SillySausage in the #07 car to see if he could work his way up the field. The guys in car #45 didn't have that great a start, with an early spin putting them down the order a little. Throughout the race the RSR cars did us proud, putting in some great stints whilst also being competitive with the cars around them. A few 'friendly fire' incidents were an unfortunately low point, as well as seeing the pink #278 car eventually forced to retire but as a whole, RSR had a great showing.

As the chequered flag waved our drivers were finally able to catch their breath, after what was a grueling race for both body and mind. With so many cars on track it was a seriously challenging race to complete but all our drivers did a fantastic job, even if they didn't get the result they wanted. The final results of our cars were:

What a fun race! Both grobi0815 and I went into this one with next to no practice, only getting to properly turn a few laps in the hour or two before the green flag. We weren't really expecting much, but both agreed to just have some fun and see if we could survive past lap one which we thought was highly unlikely with so many cars on track. A big thank you to falcon2081 for sharing his setup about 10mins before the start which worked a treat! grobi0815 gave me the honour of qualifying the car and starting the race for us after we discovered our pace was very similar. This was a first for me in an iRacing endurance event so I was over the moon when I was able to put in a surprisingly decent banker lap right out of the box that landed us in P24.

My first stint was one of the most grueling pieces of sim-racing I have done, with constant action throughout the entire lap and no time to relax. Towards the end of my stint my wrist was aching, my shoulders were cramped, my t-shirt was soaked in sweat and my brain was starting to lose focus which caused the only minor off of my stint before I handed the car over to grobi0815, a couple of places ahead of where we started. grobi0815 jumped in the car and put in a fantastic stint to keep us in the fight. A few minor incidents with lapping back markers saw us take a small amount of damage but he pressed on regardless with some excellent driving before pitting slightly early to avoid some pesky technical issues that have been plaguing his iRacing of late.

I jumped back into the car for my next stint. Despite our steering wheel being slightly bent, the car felt fantastic to drive and only got better. This was a really fun stint that I was super happy with as it went off without a hitch. grobi0815 hopped back in for another great stint, continuing the gap battle with the Arriva Simsport car that had been going on for most of the previous stint. Carving his way through the traffic he still managed to gain us a couple of positions before I jumped back in for my final stint.[/I]

At this point we were sitting on 37 incident points, with stop-go penalties being given out at 40. Up until this point, as we saw so many cars being hit with these penalties, we began to considerthat if we kept our driving clean we could perhaps gain a couple of positions over drivers having to serve their penalties. This became my mission for this stint, dropping my pace slightly to play it safe and hopefully get away without a penalty. As I neared the end of the stint, I had been sitting on 39 incident points for some time driving on autopilot and by some miracle avoiding multiple near misses and off-tracks. We decided if I was confident to not get the final point I would stay in for the final half stint. With only 24min left in the race I ran just too wide at Paddock Hill Bend and incurred the final incident point. We served our penalty and from then on it was gloves off, pushing like crazy which was such a fun way to finish off the race. From the start we had set ourselves the goal of a top 20 position if we survived the race. To finish in P17 as the lead RSR car felt like a win for us and was a result we could both me super happy with.

For me this was probably the most enjoyable and rewarding experience I've had on iRacing so far. I was happy with my pace and the quality of my stints, and the tough conditions (racing from 1AM - 7AM) made it all the more satisfying. The whole race had a positive vibe as we were all there to have fun and support a great cause. It was a really special experience for me to see sim-racers from everywhere come together in the one race. From getting to race beside Matt Malone and make it onto his stream, to seeing Knut "FisiFan91" Martinsen and the AOR guys attending. To sharing the track with some of the biggest names in iRacing eSports such as Mivarno, and getting to see old names like falcon2081 do his thing at the front, as well as sharing the experience with my fellow RSR members, some of which this was their first foray into iRacing events. I must thank the wise and experienced grobi0815 (Papa Steffen) for once again being the perfect teammate, keeping me calm and well-informed the entire race as well as putting in some fantastic stints. Finally, a big thank you must go to all the people supporting us on the stream, especially 2scoops who was unfortunately unable to race as my teammate due to hardware issues but was cheering from the sideline for what felt like the entire 6 hour race.
It was an amazing event! We had so much fun driving together, our race can be really summed up with one clip:
Myself and Anto qualified 50th, with Anto starting on the grid. Nerves got the better of him and he made a mistake in turn 3, resulting in him going off and having to pick up places, a lap down. 3 hours in, we gradually started picking up places and made it to 34th. By the final hour we were low on fuel and I only just managed to bring the car home with 1gal of fuel onboard, which lost us a place to 35th. This wasn't a bad result as it was our first endurance race with RSR.
We qualified in P12, messed up on a lap that could have put us around P9. Kept clean and managed to get up to P9 before the first stop. The team in front of us pit at the same time as us and we managed to jump them in the stop. Car felt good and I could pull away from them. However, I managed to find a rogue RSR car which I unfortunately hit...

This broke our suspension making the car quite unstable. We came back out after 6mins of repairs, back into P43 or something, climbed back to P36 before I gave the car to my teammate. He was hit a few times and the car became very unstable so we decided to retire it. Looking at the results a stint after my accident with Simon, we could have been around P5.

If you missed the race and would like to watch the coverage follow the link below:

rFactor 2 - VEC Interlagos / VLMS postponed Mosport
The final 2 months of 2018 saw all rFactor 2 teams busy again, testing for the final VEC and VLMS races of 2018.

Round 3 of the VEC took place at the fabulous Interlagos circuit, famous for hosting the penultimate round of the Formula 1 season. All of the teams were showing strong pace and commitment as we headed into the race, with the Division 2 prototype showing the strongest performance and a good chance of winning. Sadly, a series of unfortunate events meant this promise was not to be realised. Our Division 3 GTE team also showed great performance, but a momentary lapse in timekeeping saw them start from the pit lane and having to fight their way back. The Division 4 teams also showed strong pace, with some clean consistency in the early hours from both cars. As we head into the Christmas break, our thoughts are already focused on preparation for Round 4, another classic F1 circuit, Sepang.

The 2 months before Christmas were meant to host two rounds of the VLMS but due to track issues, Round 3 at Mosport was postponed until December. When the race eventually took place, it was thrilling to watch but for all wrong reasons. Highlighting just how tough the track is for multi-class racing, there were more "interesting" moments on offer than most racers appreciate.

All in all, 2018 has been a very exciting year for our rFactor 2 section. We started the first race of the year with only 1 car and since then have grown both in numbers but also in strength. 2019 should prove even better, with an increased number of members showing interest and as for the racing, we look forward to improving our performance further and building many more friendships along the way.

Member of the Month - Noztra
“Joining RSR with the sole purpose of launching an Assetto Corsa section, Noztra has breathed new life into our community here. His incredible work ethic and passion for creating events and leagues for the enjoyment of our members is to be admired and we look forward to seeing what he has in store for the future.”

Username: Noztra
Real Name: Morten Andresen
Country of Residence: Denmark
Date of Birth : 7th October 1985
Occupation: System Administrator
Daily Drive: VW Polo 1.4 TSI BlueGT

Read more here!

Video of the Month - Prime Time for RSR
Some amazing coverage by RaceSpot TV of one of the RevolutionSimRacing cars, but watch for yourself!

We have a good crop of drivers moving up the ranks! Congratulations to all promoted drivers:

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We wish you a Merry X-mas
and a Happy New Year! :)


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I would like to wish everybody a happy new year and a merry X-mas!


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Nice newsletter. Glad to be of help for a cause. :):)

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Merry christmas to all!

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