The RSR Newsletter - September 2018

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Welcome Members, to the September 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

Project CARS 2 - Revolution Cup Final
The championship battles came to a head this month, with the final 2 rounds taking place at Indianapolis and Dubai...

The RSR Newsletter - August 2018

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Welcome Members, to the August 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

Forum Update
On Behalf of all the Staff team we would firstly like to say a massive thank you to all our members...

24 Hours of Le Mans - 18th August 2018 - Start: 13:00 GMT

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This is the most prestige iRacing Endurance event in 2018!

Get excited everyone! For the third time, iRacing is presenting the 24hrs of Le Mans and RSR is entering with 2 cars! Our team of top tier drivers will be striving to maintain their history of stellar iRacing endurance...

The RSR Newsletter - July 2018

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Welcome Members, to the July 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

Help keep our forum awesome!
XenForo (the software behind our amazing forum) recently released a new version of their product, given the innovative...

The RSR Newsletter - June 2018

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Welcome Members, to Issue 11 of the RSR newsletter!

We have had another fantastic month with donations from our members raising € 60.