24 Hours of Daytona - 19th January 2019 - Start: 13:00 GMT

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Greetings all! The first iRacing endurance race for 2019 is almost upon us, the 24 Hours of Daytona! This storied race will be held on 19th January with RSR attending in force with our largest number of car entrants to date. A massive 5 cars and 19 drivers of our bravest drivers will be pushed to the limit as they take on the mammoth task of a grueling real-time 24hr race. Also for the very...

rFactor 2 P1LMS - Interest Thread & Team Planning

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The P1LMS 2019 starts. Right at the beginning of the year, we invite you to the first long-distance series at P1-Gaming eV. 8 races with 6-12 hours, from Feburary to October, are waiting for you.

From the 01.01.2019 the registration for club members is open. From the 09.01.2019 then all sign up...

The RSR Newsletter - X-Mas Edition 2018

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Welcome Members, to the Christmas 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

Project CARS 2 - PRD/RSR Sprint Series
Since our last newsletter, we have not only started but reached the half way point of our latest Project Cars 2 championship...

Discord Revolution

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RSR Members, welcome to RevolutionSimRacing on Discord, a very informal hangout for your sim-racing needs!

We want to encourange our members to communicate with each other more quickly and easily. Want to have a quick fun night or practice some setups? Reach your fellow members in an instant...

The RSR Newsletter - October 2018

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Welcome Members, to the October 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

Forum Banner Contest
As part of our recent forum upgrade and redesign, we have purposely left one element out, the banner. That's...