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Aug 28, 2020
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Hello @Community @RSR Academy @Team RSR,

The 24 Hours Nürburgring is a 24-hour annual touring car and GT endurance racing event that takes place on a combination of the Nordschleife ("North Loop") and the GP-Strecke ("Grand Prix track") circuits of the Nürburgring in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Held since 1970, over 25.378 km (15.8 mi) lap length allows more than 200 cars and over 700 drivers to participate.

Although affectionately known as "The 24 Hours of Nürburgring", the race is commonly named after the official naming partner. As of 2020, Total is the official naming partner; with the event currently labelled, the "ADAC Total 24 Hour Race".

The race will be streamed from multiple perspectives so you don't miss a second of the action. Our built-in multiview plugin gives you the possibility to watch all streams at the same time!

Team RSR
RevolutionSimRacing Blue - BMW M4 GT3 - @CatchAGlimpse @Jeff[NL] @Exited @grobi0815
RevolutionSimRacing Red - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - @Selly @Rafael @Nakor @MerlinC
RevolutionSimRacing Yellow - Audi RS 3 LMS - @Raigore @m4nu @Puffpirat @N1kmido
RevolutionSimRacing Orange - Porsche Cayman GT4 - @fab. ICEMAN @C. Tscharf @Vernux @Dutchtastic

RSR Academy
RSR Academy Blue - BMW M4 GT3 - @Gosku @FuBii @Southwell60
RSR Academy Red - BMW M4 GT3 - @Cornworld @David Siska @Erwin @Razortiburon
RSR Academy Yellow - Audi RS 3 LMS - @Michael @Rargon @frankodrose @MelBonkers

Tim "Dutchtastic" Greven
Deep breath in, deep breath out. Can you smell it? Neither can I, but I'd love to! Oh, you have no idea what I am talking about? Read the title! It's the Nordschleife 24. Reason I don't know is because I've not seen it in real life yet and this is actually the first time giving it a go on the sim. Can you believe it? Luckily I have some experienced Nordschleife experts to (re)teach me the ropes of GT4 racing! Let's have a disco... disco .. POGO

Dominik "Exited" Gölz
Yes, it's again this time of the year, where you are really excited and anxious at the same time, because the green Monster aka N24 is waiting for you and your team! Even tough I race mainly in another Sim, this is acutally my personal highlight race of the year, due to strong personal relationship to the real race (visited it like 10 times already).
Our team seems really evenly matched, everybody is in between 3s laptime wise, so I think we have a really good chances to improve the result from last year!
Bring it on!

Corne "Cornworld" Borchers
I’m nervous as hell for this one tbh. Most attempts at Nords during the regular series ended in mayhem due to crashing out. This track is by far the most challenging for me to drive due to keeping up concentration for longer periods. Preparation didn’t go as planned due to some personal stuff but the last few days I’ve been able to put in some serious laps. Pace is okay (isch) but I think the most important thing is be steady and safe.

Prediction? Well, let’s say I’m happy when we drive to the best of our abilities, stay safe, out of trouble and finish. Top 10 would be nice, top 5 even nicer, getting a podium is like me being a godly young and fit teenager again, highly unlikely.

I’m happy to drive with David Siska Erwin again. Special welcome to our newest member Razortiburon who is joining us, I’m sure he will fit right in.

To begin my story, we have to go back to mid-November where myself and @Jeff[NL] tried to qualify for the Winter VLN series. At this point in time, I had only ever driven a few laps around Nordschliefe on PC2 in single player for some fun. After misreading the rules and regulations of the Winter VLN series, it meant both myself and Jeff had to each set 2 qualifying laps each (4 laps then averaged out). With his usual quick pace and prior experience, Jeff was easily one of the quickest guys in the session but with only 2-3 days practice, I managed to qualify some 10+ seconds behind Jeff which meant we missed out on making the cut for the series. Although I had very little time to prepare, I still felt I had still let Jeff down and at the time, I promised I would be in better shape for the N24.

Fast-forward 6 months and we are now quickly approaching this almighty event. I have been practicing with the team for the last 2 weeks and my lap times have gone from 8:25+ to matching my teammates or being very close with 8:12-8:13s. After taking part in the first round of the Nurburgring Endurance Championship last week, I feel more prepared and ready than ever before to conquer this beast.. 24 hours of the Green Hell.

I feel blessed to have 3 great teammates in @Exited @grobi0815 and @Jeff[NL] to race by myside at this amazing and extremely challenging event. Let's hope all of the practice pays off and with a bit of luck bring home a podium to RSR.
Since I am the culprit who desperately wanted to send the most sophisticated car on the road, I will also write a press release.

It’s a tough and long race in the Porsche 911 cup GT3 that’s in store for us. In preparation I would like to thank my teammates @Nakor @Rafael and @MerlinC. Because we went through a very intensive and successful preparation. Which is the basic building block for a good result.

I know I am fully responsible for this too XD. But I think the car and its drivers are now well prepared to get a great result.

We wish all teams a good race ;)
I am pissing my pants! But I just hope my fine team mates have some change trousers ready for me in the pits.
I'm still a long way from joining RSR's finest at the sharp end of the grid/lap times but I'll get there eventually. For this race my main focus is to simply hand the car to my teammates in pristine condition. Let's do this! My first 24h!
You can catch the stream here (;
Well, where shall I start? First of all this will be my first iRacing 24hrs of Nords. I renewed my subscription, bought two tracks and a car for this race alone! As always I'm looking forward to a new challenge, especially on this track as I absolutely love it! I did two N24hrs in RF2 earlier: 1 ended well (1 did only 1 lap for @Elodyr.....and still spun the car and no damage ;) ) and the other ended on the roof of the 720S we were running after 15 barrel rolls at the end of the Döttinger Höhe. But this time, it will be different, I feel it!

This weekend I will spend my time with two RSR-teams: first doing the P1LMS2021 8hrs of Silverstone with @Col_McCoy in RF2 in the Cadillac DPi. And after we finish this race, I'll hop over to RSR Academy Team Green to spend the rest of my weekend with @Rargon, @Michael and @frankodrose to survive the 24hrs of Nords in the Audi TCR. The biggest difference between these cars is the DPi actually has lights that work!. Of course I opted for the night/graveyard stints, so will be lots of fun! As @frankodrose has a couple of issues with his PC, it looks like this weekend will be a true race where our stamina will be tested to a big extent.

This Nords 24hrs race will also be special as it's the last race I'll be doing with my good ol' PC. Can't wait to start using my new pc build from next week onwards!

I wish all RSR teams lots of success for this race! I hope we get lots of good results (maybe another 0.0001 win for team @m4nu after 24hrs of racing?), but above all, I hope come Sunday we can all look back and be proud we got to the finish of this Green Hell race of all races!

P.S. @Michael , I'll have extra trousers next to my rig ;)
For months I was super exited for this one! The Green hell! But as it approached I was getting more and more nervous. Adding to that I found out I was way of pace with my teammates @Cornworld @David Siska @Razortiburon, so feeling less and less confident. To the point I was sure I'd put it in the wall at some point. But thanks to Cornworld taking some time to give me some pointers, I found some speed, and improved the Risk/reward ratio a bit. So looking forward again, And hope we'll have a top 10 result :)



Sep 16, 2016
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Sep 21, 2016
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Good luck all! Hyped! Bring the RSR brigade to the finish!

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