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Round 5 - Virginia International Raceway
Posted by Ricardo Macieira
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Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 18:00
Until: Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 23:00
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Oct 28, 2018
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As I said, sadly my last race for this season as I'm on holidays from saturday on :) you know without kids you need to take an early holiday :p

Did absolutely no practice for this one, because I only played ACC on the weekend and was thinking about that maybe the appeal of AC to me has ended a little bit, because there wasn't a really interest to prepare for this race.
But boy, these races yesterday really showed me again why I enjoy racing in AC so much :) So thank you for the nice car and track combo once again to @Noztra @Ricardo Macieira and everyone else in the organizing team, really appreciated!
It really helped that I knew the track quite good from former seasons even though we always raced the full layout and it was a small shock to read that we are gonna race the North Course. At the end of practice I were 2,5 sec down, but suddenly in qualy it clicked and I got into P3 with only 0,2 sec down to pole.

Made a small mistake at the end of L1 in race 1 which sended me into the grass at the last corner and dropped me down to P10 or so. Fought my way back up to P5 which is a good result, even though it could have been a lot better. Really good battles with @Battenberg @Corentin_Bergès and @David Siska !

So starting in P6 into the 2nd race I thought this could be a little opportunity for me, but sadly in T3 I was behind @Noztra how got a small bump and needed to brake hard which caused me to also brake hard and still touch his rear (nohomo :p). Lost 3 places due to that and needed to fight back again like in race 1. Again really good battles with @Battenberg @Corentin_Bergès @David Siska @JetPistol and @DannyvdMeer , good racing guys! Sadly I had a small moment with @Mazy CZ on the main straight where did gave me a little bit to less room and we came together which caused him to spin, sorry again mate!

Congrats to @JetPistol and my teammate @Alex Salmon for the wins. Championship looks really interesting and I'm happy that I could deliver some more points for the team championship!



Sep 16, 2016
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That was great fun, like Detroit the track won me over the more I drove it. This might just be my favorite RSR season yet. This was a strong night for the Holi Cows, congrats to my Brovine teammate @David Siska for a pair of strong performances. Thanks to the usual suspects in the upper midfield, especially @Noztra, @Corentin_Bergès, @Exited, @DannyvdMeer, and @Jeff[NL]. Congrats to @Alex Salmon and @JetPistol for the wins! Here's my video, with timestamps:

11:50 - Qualy Lap.
28:05 - Race 1 start. Starting P9.
19:45 - Good move on Exited, up to P8.
32:25 - Freebie, up to P7.
33:45 - Mistake leads to me falling to P10, after an eventful few corners.
35:35 - Contact up ahead, up to P9.
39:40 - Another little mistake gives Noz a run to T1. I brake too late, he brakes even later and makes contact. Like a gent he gives me the place back, but I've already lost another place to Jeff. Down to P10.
41:00 - Another freebie, up to P9.
42:40 - I get a mega tow off Jeff, and make a move into T1. I didn't think my nose was that wide as I clipped him when getting into position. Up to P8.
1:07:17 - Race 2 start. Staring P3. Soon up to P2 after some close rubbing with Noz.
1:12:50 - I run a tiny bit off line following Danny, Alex gets a run and squeaks by. Down to P3.
1:16:15 - A gap builds ahead, and my team mate David is looking quicker than me, so I let him by and try to be his rear gunner. Down to P4.
1:19:05 - Puffpirat gets a run on me towards T1, I mess up my braking on the inside, he cuts back and gets the place. Down to P5.
1:26:20 - Exited gets by, down to P6.
1:29:10 - JetPistol gets by just like Exited did, I try to cut back for T3, but he knows my game and covers it off. Down to P7. Corentin is now all over me.
1:31:20 - A slide on some kerbing puts me off track and down to P8.
1:32:05 - Contact up ahead gives me another freebie. Up to P7 and directly behind my team mate. A straight forward run to the finish.


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Oct 22, 2018
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No practice - Check
Change complete driving position on rig - check

Practice - uhhhh 2,6sec off ?!? :bored: Why is the car so unpredictable ?
Qualy - yeah bout the same
Race - getting blast by everyone on straights

What i only noticed about 10min before end race see picture :banghead: Ah well , lesson learnt i hope always check deadzones after fiddeling with stuff.

Cant say i really enjoyed this one

David Siska

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Oct 22, 2018
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Best races of the season for me.

Thanks for the gorgeous actions @Battenberg @Noztra @Exited @Corentin_Bergès @Puffpirat !
In race 1 we had about the same lap times with Corentin but I couldn't catch him.
In race 2 there was a couple of bumping but nothing serious. I had better pace than pole sitter @DannyvdMeer but I couldn't catch him because all the fast drivers gained upon me and I lost time when they overtook me.

Strong performance from the Cows in both races :)

Mazy CZ

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Nov 28, 2018
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yeah what the hell :D:D:D it was like 0,01sec if I remember? :)

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